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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brand New Beauty Forum

Aloha Bloggerinos!

I'm literally about to preen my nest (yes, I mean tidy my house but I've gone bird mad) before CeriChummy arrives for some girlie fun- look out for videos!- but I wanted to quickly tell you about something VERY cool indeedy.

Sarah from SarahSeesAll (defo check her out- she's just written a blog post about makeup storage and I know we all love that!) has set up a forum dedicated to us Beauty Bloggers and all the good stuff we love to chat about. Although twitter, comments on blogs, comments on youtube profiles is a great way to interact, I think this will be brilliant because there are set topics of discussion and everything will be at one central point, rather that flicking back and forth! Woop woop!

I've obviously already registered and as soon as BabyGlitter/my crazy busy life gives me a spare half an hour, I'm going to have a reet good chitchat :)

Click below to join in the fun: