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Monday, August 27, 2012

River Island A/W Collection 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you read/watch my OOTD's and hauls, you will know I am a big of a fan of River Island. I love that their clothes always fit nicely and swoon over the large handbags. Why oh why I didn't buy the mint green satchel bag in March I do not still haunts me ahahaha.

When the lovely PR lady that works for them contacted me and asked if I would like to share a short video about what's coming up for the Autumn season (my all time favourite time of year), I said yes, yes, yes!

I was provided with some information about the new range too but knowing I would never be able to express it as well as this, I have quoted it below for you. Hurrah!

From the shadows of Futuristic Goth, the streets of Downtown New York and the opulent textures and fabrics of the Baroque era, River Island creates a lavish and distinctive look for autumn/winter 2012. 
The collection encompasses a wide range of unique hero pieces reflecting this season’s trends with accessories remaining a focal point, fusing together all the elements necessary for the season ahead.

Think Downtown with its relaxed styling, with oversized swagger coats layered over geo printed and graphic intarsia knits. Baroque with its tough leathers and wet look fabrics and Futuristic Goth with it's  medieval inspired black velvet, delicate lace, sheer and chiffon pieces. With River Island Autumn Winter never looked so good!

 I'm so excited for all the Autumn fabrics and colours to hit the shops and for the weather to cool down a little (sorry if you're a summer baby haha!).

I also have a lorra lorra Autumn related posts lined up because I just go crazy for everything at this time of year so we have exciting times ahead!!

What do you look forward to in Autumn?



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