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Friday, June 1, 2012

Bacon Roll Morning Awards

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This is a pretty cheeky post today. It's asking you to do something for me. Usually I do the opposite. I write posts and chatter away and try to provide a fun place for you to come and relax, and every now and then throw in something helpful to boot. 

Today though I wondered if I could ask you something?

Ever year Cosmopolitan Magazine run a competition where you can nominate and vote for you favourite bloggers to win various awards in different categories. I would be just pleased as punch to be nominated for the Established Beauty Blogger of the year Award. 


There isn't a prize (I don't think) and really there is nothing tangible about the whole thing, but to me it would
 just be a big honour to know that all of you Sprinklerinos like my glitter world and enjoy being such a big part of it. I'm aware that with all the super blogs out there that my chances of winning are pretty slim, but I like to be involved in these sorts of things and get excited anyway. Heck, I used to get excited in an old office job I had where on payday, the company would pay for everyone to have a free bacon roll. I don't actually like bacon but I liked that morning because everyone was caught up in a bit of joint joy, and this is what this is to the blogging world. It's bacon roll morning. 

If you would like to nominate for me, click HERE .

If you wouldn't like to nominate me, that's quite alright, but do have a look at the categories because there might be another blog that you absolutely love that you could vote for and make that blogger's day!

Do you like bacon roll morning as much as me?