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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Nars Eurydice

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you watched mine and Zoe's haul video a while back, you might remember that I did something very special.... I popped my Nars cherry and my oh my it felt good!

Whilst pursuing the stands in House of Fraser, the Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Eurydice caught my eye, winked at me and said, "Hey baby, take me home and you'll have the most smokin' eyes you ever did see". I jest, it said no such thing, Nars products are far more polite, but I parted with my £24 and left with it in my hands. Hurrah!

I rather heart the packaging of Nars products. I know they are prone to grubbiness and such, but to me that gives them a velvetine rabbit kind of feel- you know, the more worn and used it is, the more it is cherished. Hmmm, you know you're a makeup junkie when you compare a Nars eyeshadow duo to childhood literature!

Pretty, pretty colours. Fuschia based purple with blue sparkles and slate grey with silver undertones.

Swatchy swatchy!

I have found the formula of this product absolutely gorgeous! Long lasting, incredibly pigmented, easy to blend and not in the least bit chalky. If you do have to opportunity to swatch them, go wild!

All in all, I'm glad I purchased this and can't believe it took me so long. Yes, £24 is expensive for a duo, but this is a luxury item and something to collect over time, so I don't begrudge it one bit!

If you would like to have a look at this for yourself, HERE is the linky pops. 

What is your Nars favourite?I think Abyssinia and Sugar Land are next on my list.



PS (It's a big PS!)

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Great big claps and congrats to both of you!
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