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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderful Whirlwind

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I have quite a few posts lined up for you, but I felt I wanted a chatty type today. Also, Zoe took some great photographs when she stayed earlier this month for OOTD's and there were a few silly ones that I will scatter about for your amusement.

This last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind! Most importantly and excitingly, it has been Baby Glitter's very First Birthday. This was obviously really fun in terms of tutu's, tea parties and cake, but also it allowed me to take stock of the last year and really reflect on how I felt about the birth experience (not a great one, let me tell you) and how parenthood had enhanced our lives.

I've also been having a quite a Sprinkle of Glitter upgrade too. As your eyeballs can see, my blog has had a brilliant makeover from Wonder Forest and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have been tinkering with it for months now and finally feel that it is what I want it to be. I want Sprinkle of Glitter to be a place you can come, mooch about, read something interesting/relaxing/inspiring/amusing and leave feeling like your day has had a little mini happy in it. Also, I like typing, so it's smiles all round!

On the YouTube front, I now have a muuuuccchh better camera and look forward to filming my videos on those and having them be extra swish. Swish is a good word isn't it?

As you would expect with all these upgrades, pounds and pennies have been spent and so to help, I will be possibly putting a little more advertising on my blog. I wanted to tell you this in advance, so that you didn't feel Sprinkle of Glitter had become some sort of corporate sell out (as if!) and that you understood it was so our little family isn't hit too hard. Baby Glitter needs to be kept in good supply of bananas after all- I swear she would eat nothing but if I let her! Little monkey!

In other news, we are soon to be foster parents! No, pick your draw up off the floor, not to more mini humans, to cats!! A friend of mine is moving towns and whilst all to-ing and fro-ing is happening, her two kitties will be coming to stay with us. If they're not too camera shy, I'll take a couple of snaps to share with you.

What good things (or bad if you want to talk about them) have happened to you this last few weeks?