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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little Helper

Aloha Bloggerinos,

The past couple of days has seen me doing rather a lot of 'life laundry'.

This entails all those jobs you need to do but never have time to squeeze in between work, play, sleep etc. I haven't been anywhere this week and so have been staying at home with Baby Glitter and cracking on.

I've been through EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, thrown out things that have holes, put a pile of clothes in a 'charity' bag and hung up and reorganised what I want to keep. I was ruthless. I had Zoe on skype and she cruelly made me put my pink sequined top (that I wore in my 100th video) in the charity pile....but you've not seen the last of that bad boy, I've got a plan for him..mwahahaha!

"That top is so on trend! Don't chuck it, hang it up!"

I've also been introducing Baby Glitter to new foods, such as banana, sweet potato, apple, pear, bell pepper and baby cereal. So far, so good- she likes all of the above except apple. As well as new foods, I've been encouraging her to sit unaided and roll 180 degrees, she's so close!

In Sprinkle of Glitter land I've been working with a lovely gal is going to help me give my blog a little makeover and tidy things up a touch. I'm so looking forward to her working her magic on it.

Mine and Zoe's secret venture is coming along really well, we had a bit of an exciting breakthrough today, so we are all of a dither and zizz.

"Oh Mummy, I can't let you put this cardi away, it's such a wonderful pillow"

On top of allllll of that, I'm going to London on Thursday for an exclusive interview (oh la la) with none other than, Liz Earle! THE LIZ EARLE!! ARGH! I'm going down with my Auntie Judith (who I suspect is Liz Earle's biggest customer!) and Baby Glitter. Ju will care for Darcy during the interview and we'll have a mooch round Covent Garden. I'll enjoy showing Baby Glitter the capital, although I'm pooping myself at the thought of talking to Ms Earle! Eeek! I'll let you all know how it goes.

The pictures provided in this post are just quickie snaps taken of Baby G whilst I was having the big wardrobe frenzy, she was a great little helper. I had a little play about with the settings and thought this brightylighty snaps looked fun.

What have you done so far this week?