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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skinny Jeans, Fatty Girl

(If you've popped over from YouTube the link you were looking for is HERE. Once you've looked at that, why not stick around and read a little more?)

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I am fat. Those three words aren't meant to self depreciate myself or encourage you all to shout, "Nooo! You're lovely!" from the hilltops, they are a mere fact. I'm not big boned and I don't have a thyroid problem, I eat too much yummy food like cheesey pasta and cadbury twirls and I don't do enough exercise. Naughty me. *Slaps wrist*. 

Now I'm not saying that being fat is good. Nor am I saying it's bad. It's a personal issue. Ideally I'd be slimmer because of the health implications, but right now, I'm not.

With all that being said, just because I'm a bit tubby at the moment, doesn't mean I'm prepared to wear hideous tent like tops and clown pant style trousers. Oh no. Granted, sequined hot pants a la Pixie Lott aren't going to do my any favours, but if you know how to work an item, there is a lot more available to you than you might think. 

Skinny jeans have always been a scary no-go item for me. I thought I must always stick to bootcut jeans to balance out my wide thighs and stick to a 'normal denim' colour so as not to draw attention to my wobbly bits. OR wear leggings with tunic tops, dresses or long cardis. Well, hang on a second, leggings cling to legs and leggings show wobbly bits.....sooooo what's the difference? Surely skinny jeans are just leggings with a zip and button?? Now I love an elasticated waist as much as the next person (especially since having Baby Glitter), but I can go wild and fore go it for a day or so!

In a flurry of fat-thighed liberation last week, I bought my first ever pair of skinny colour!! I picked up a beautiful pair of dark teal skinny jeans from New Look for the grand total of £19.99. You can find them HERE. They were from the Inspire range so are a size 18 and up and come in three colours- Teal (or 'Petrol Blue' according to the site, Camel and Deep Red. I think I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a pair in black too! Oohh!!

As you will see from about, I lost my marbles and made a video of me modelling said skinnies, in the alley behind my house. Lucky Doug nearly got quite an eyeful during one of my numerous 'wardrobe changes'. Ahahahaa!!

What do you think? Should larger ladies stick to bootcuts and flares? Or can us fatties do skinnies?