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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Top: Milly. Skirt: Rachel Roy. Shoes: Christian Louboutin. Bag: Vintage LV. Belt: Jcrew. Sunglasses: Chloe. Jewelry: David Yurman, Pomellato, BR, GAP, Jcrew, Max&Chloe, Michael Kors. Nails: Milani, Juicy Glo.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Polka Blouse: Jcrew. Olive Blouse: Equipment. Jacket: Zara. Scarf: Madewell. Shorts: Zara. Bag: Chanel. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Shoes: c/o Nine West. Jewelry: David Yurman, Pomellato, Michael Kors, Gap, BR, Jcrew.

Pregnancy Update- 41 Weeks Pregnant

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Well, as you can see, still no Baby Glitter. I'm so fed up I could cry/scream/both, but know it wouldn't get me too far.

(Sound advise if you ask me! Hahaha!)

I'm a week over now and have been booked for an induction for Tuesday the 5th. I really, really don't want an induction. I thought I did but then I found out what it entails and that you loose the option of a water birth anndd unless you are in established labour, you're partner can't stay with you the whole time. Also, whilst you are induced (ie, laying with a pessary up your lady zone for 24 hours), you are in a room with 3 other woman and have regular internal examinations- NOT WHAT I WANT AT ALL.

In an ideal world I'll labour at home as long as possible, get to hospital, pop myself in a birthing pool, dim the lights, try to remain calm and have a lovely little baby girl. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be reading off the same page and she doesn't seem to game for this plan.

I had a stretch and sweep yesterday, which is just as vile as it sounds and the midwife said she had stretched me (shudder) 2-3cm, so this is a positive. I'm booked in for another on Friday so fingers crossed it starts labour (as yet, yesterday's hasn't). Whilst these Stretch and Sweep things are very gross, I think they are the lesser of the 2 evils (compared to induction) so I'll opt for them. Sigh.

In other news, my feet and ankles are still swollen, just called me Mrs Kankle, my skin has gone really spotty (thank goodness for MAC Studio Sculpt) and I have been more tired than a sloth on sleeping tablets.

I won't go on too much because I'll only be Mrs Grumpy Pantaloons and I don't want to bum you all out.

Please send all your psychic energy to encourage Baby Glitter out naturally!




Monday, March 28, 2011

Lust List

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Just doing a bit of fantasy shopping (you know, where you just imaginary buy everything you fancy, even if your overdraft is in dyer straights like mine!) and thought I'd share a few pieces with you. Does anyone have a few hundred pounds they want to buy me a new Spring/Summer wardrobe with?

Pink Print Crochet Kimono. £39.99. River Island.

Navy Peeptoe Platform Shoes (which I would actually break my neck in no doubt, not to mention look like a giant seeing as I'm 5"7 already, but such is the joy of fantasy shopping!). £69.99. River Island.

Mint Green (although looks blue to me!) Fringe Kaftan. £26.99. River Island.
I think this would look nice with jeans or leggings but always feel a bit annoyed that most kaftans are see-through. Grrr just cos you're on holiday, doesn't always mean you want to be nakey!

Navy Heart Print Skirt. £24.99. River Island.
I like the pockets on this. This would be lovely for meandering around in the evenings with a glass of Rose. Oh how I miss Rose!

Gold Leaf Chandelier Earrings. £9.99. River Island.

These remind me of fire flies and look really jazzy but I would still wear them during the day :)

I could easily buy up half the accessories in River Island, but wont bore you with my wish list on them. When I was a PA, my office was 3 seconds away from a really nice River Island so I have a lot of love for it as it was often my lunchtime reprieve, where I'd unwind, float about feeling the fabrics and buy myself a little treat.

As much as I can't wait to have Baby Glitter and am more than happy with the compromise of less money/new baby, I am looking forward to a time when I can splurge a bit and buy pretties more regularly.

What sort of things to do you splurge on? Would you rather spend £70 on one big thing or lots of little things?



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Bio Oil

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I made this video a while back and have since had oodles of message about it, soooo I thought that I would give you a link on here in case you haven't seen it.

I've posted this 4 times and I keep loosing my picture. I'll try again later- Sorry Bloggerinos!
Nothing like taking your screen print on a keerraazzy happy shot! Woop Woop!

One question that has come up quite a lot is "How do you apply Bio Oil?". Well I suppose you can apply it however you fancy but I just squib (lovely word is squib) a few drops into the palm of my hand and rub on. Simples.

You can click HERE to have a looksie :)

Hope you enjoy the video and look forward to hearing your thoughts.



Still no Baby Glitter although I do keep having shooting pains in my upper thighs- anyone know what that's about???

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shades Of

Top: H&M. Skirt: Zara. Shoes: Pour La Victorie. Bag: American Apparel. Sash: Lilly Pulitzer. Hat: H&M. Jewelry: Michael Kors, David Yurman, Pomellato, AE, Jcrew., Max&Chloe, BR. Lips: Make Up For Ever Professional #41.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chit Chat of This and That

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I do actually have some reviews for you but I'm getting a bit tired of that kind of post and figure if I'm fed up writing them, you're fed up reading them! I feel a bit like I've gone Lou's Reviews mental because I felt a bit like my life was a but uneventful but then I thought "meh, it's my little bloggypops so I'll jolly well witter about little bits of life". Ooohh that was fighting talk wasn't it!


First of all, Baby Glitter will be here any day now (even if I do have to be induced, which is looking more and more likely), so don't forget to enter my 'Guess Baby Glitter's Real Name Competition' and have your chance to win a MAC product of your choice, click HERE for that.

I went to the midwife today to talk about what happens next now that I'm overdue and feel quite freaked out by it all. She offered a stretch and sweep which I turned down because it just sounded too utterly vile and a few people have said they have little effect. So now it's a waiting game and if she doesn't make her debut by the end of next week, it's induction time. This excites me because obviously I want a little baby and to see her little face and touch her hands, but also scares me because I'm freaked out by needles and drips and stuff. Yes, I'm cool with pushing a small human out of my lady zone, but I'm not ok with having a drip in my hand, go figure.


I'm really feeling gee'd up by the sunnier weather. I rrreeeaaalllllyyyy want to loose a few pounds this year (I weighed myself today and nearly died at how much weight I have gained, I hope this baby is 8lbs and the waters are around 3stone ahahaha) and feel good about myself. I usually feel OK but just recently I have been feeling very whale like and I want to spend the summer being confident in lovely floral floaty numbers and suchlike. I tell you what, I never see anything nice in Next, but I had a gander online and there are LOADS of gorgeous things there! Why don't they stock these in stores? Why? WHHYYYY??

I usually like to keep this blog as a place of happy chat, beauty, bargains and sparkles, but recently I have seen a few bloggers talk about more serious issues. I think it's ever so brave of them to go down this avenue because it attracts so many opinions and can be a bit controversial. I have a couple of topics that are very close to my heart that I am thinking of working up the courage to discuss, one being loosing someone to cancer and the other being child abuse, so do look out for those oh-so-cheery posts!

(Totally off topic but I NEED these in my life)

Whhaattt elssee? Hmmm. Oh yes! I'm thinking about starting another degree (part time from home) in September in Counselling. I did Psychology and Biology at University in Liverpool when I was 18 and my plan was always to be a counsellor but it kind of fell by the weighside and I took various boring office jobs to pay the bills. Now though I've come to realise I'm 25 and want to have something that I'm special at, I want to have the ability to make a decent salary and also I want Baby Glitter to look up to her Mummy and feel proud. My Dad owns his own business and so did my Mum and I always felt/feel very proud of them and so want the same for Baby Glitter too. Soooooo, all I need to do now is find a course that suits and apply- eep!

Ohhhh what a jolly good ramble I've had, I feel like you are all up to speed with my life now, whether you wanted to be or not, hehe.

As usual, I have littered this with images from because I cannae bare a naked post.

How has your week been? Do you have any news? Oh one more thing, a big Congratulations to Muhsine, over at BUBBLEGARM, who has just announced that she is pregnant! She is one of my favourite bloggers and Baby Glitter and I wish her all the best!!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pregnancy Update- 40 Weeks Pregnant

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Yep, I'm still with child and she's showing no signs of wanting out...I am literally loosing my mind with all the waiting.

I have EVERYTHING prepared in her room, mine and her hospital bags are in the boot of the car and her pram is set up and ready to roll. All we need now is the baby!

How cute is her Moses Basket? Before you safety nuts get up in arms, I won't turn the radiator on and I'd draw the curtains when it's sunny like this :)

I can't say a great deal has changed in the last few weeks but I will fill you in anyhow. I've been spending a lot of time at home because a) Maternity Pay isn't exactly lots, b) Waddling for very far becomes a bit much, even round the supermarket is now a struggle and c) Most of my chums work days or don't live in Northampton, so it's been a bit lonely. I'm looking forward to when Baby Glitter is born so that I can be a bit more mobile (providing the birth goes well) and can enjoy the sunshine and take her out in her pram.

Physically, all that has changed is that I have got bigger in the bump department, put on a few pounds (sigh), which I have felt mostly round my face and boobies and also, my feet and ankles have swollen to unnatural proportions!! Matt says it looks like my legs have fallen into my feet and calls me 'Slab Foot'. I feel so sexy, ha.

Mentally, I'm frustrated and nervous. I want her here but I'm obviously anxious about the birth, will her health be ok? Will I be ok? Will we make good parents? Will I be shattered? Will I ever do my nails or hair again? You know, the usual kind of thing you expect all new Mum's to fret over.

With any luck, I won't be doing a 41 week pregnant update and you will be reading Zoe of Zoella's guest post to say I'm in labour! She is going to come in to Glitter Land and let you all know here, on twitter and on YouTube so you won't miss it! Be sure to send me positive vibes because I'll be puffing and panting for all I'm worth!!

I want to say a really heartfelt thank you to ALL of you who over the last few months have left kind messages and helpful hints about pregnancy, birth and babies, I feel a lot more equipped thanks to you all! THANK YOU



Rain Check

Dress: BB Dakota. Cardi: Jcrew. Trench: GAP. Boots: Hunter. Belt: Jcrew. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Umbrella: Target. Jewelry: David Yurman, Michele, Pomellato, BR, Max&Chloe. Nails: Essie Guilty Pleasures. Lips: Neutrogena Poppy Red.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 1

Aloha Bloggerinos,

You know when you buy or are sent something reeaaallyyy good and you feel reeeaaallly excited when you think about it or look at it or play with it? Well I've got that!

I was sent this nifty little number from Liz Earle as it's Mother's Day coming up and this would be an ideal gift. Sadly, my own Mum was taken to heaven when I was 7, buuuttttt this year will be a million times better than all the other lonely Mother's Days because I will be a Mummy myself to little Baby Glitter and I'm VERY happy about that indeed.

This perfume comes beautifully packaged in a neat little box and the bottle is square and professional looking. Now, I think a some of you might be turned off by the bottle because it isn't what you would call 'pretty pretty' but I really like sciencey/nature/natural type things and this kind of reminds me of that area of life (I did a degree in Pyschology and Biology you seee, I'm not just a science geek..well, maybe a bit actually). I love that it comes so snug in it's box because you shouldn't keep your fragrances in the sunlight as it diminishes their quality.

The scent of this is fruity and zingy, a winner for someone like me who loves sweet or citrus smells. I think it's a prefect smell for Spring and Summer and makes you feel all happy and sunny. After a good few hours (ie, the zinginess lasts a long while) the scent settles into a more subdued floral smell, and I enjoy this too. I went on the website to see exactly what the ingredients were and was surprised at how aesthetically pleasing it is- it's a picture list! Woop woop! Click HERE to check that out and see all the yummy natural products this is jam packed with.

The Botanical Essence No.1 perfume retails for £40.35 and really would be a lovely present for your Mothers, Aunties or Grandmas (I thought I'd throw a couple of others in there for those that don't celebrate Mother's Day conventionally, like me) or just to treat yourself to a little Spring time gift :)

You can click HERE to have a looksie at this lovely.

What sort of things do you do for your Mum's on Mother's Day? Am I in for lots of lovely pampering this year??



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is That You Spring?

Dress: Patterson J. Kinkaid last seen here. Shirt: Jcrew last seen here. Jacket: Gap. Shoes: Banana Republic. Hat: H&M.Glasses: H&M. Jewelry: David Yurman, Pomellato, Thrift, Gap, BR, Ring from Italy, Max&chloe.

Could not be more happier that it is starting to feel a bit more like spring. My Style Pill inspired me here to pull back out my pink gingham and olive combo I originally wore here! Hope all of you are having a great week...I am simply counting down the days until I head to New Orleans...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Topshop Sandstorm Collection

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Oh me oh my have you seen the TopShop Sandstorm makeup collection? I luurrvveee it!!

I have a few gorgeous bits here and will be sharing the love and giving you my glittery little thoughts on them. I'm not planning on opening a couple of bits though as I want to keep them fresh for an April Giveaway (it's my Birthday Month, so I'm planning a few special things for you lovely Bloggerinos).

These are by far my most favourite things from the collection- I luurvvvee them! They are the Eyeshadow Mousse in Tundra (rrp £8), The Gloss Stick in Glisten (rrp £8) and the Eye Crayon in Equinox (rrp £.8.50) and below are swatches.

(I'm so glad you can actually see the sparkle in the 'Tundra' eye product because when I was showing it in my YouTube video, I had less luck than a walking under a ladder, whilst carrying a black cat and shouting the number 13, ie, NONE!)
I absolutely adore the fresh, girly, summery colours, they really make me feel ready for brightness and happiness and they are all vivid without being vulgar.

The eye crayon in 'Equinox' looks set to be my best friend this Spring (especially now I'll be pushed for time with a tiny baby), as you can use it as an inner corner/eyebrow bone highlighter, for a full wash or colour, for played down eyeliner or you can even apply a little to the cheeks for a golden glow. It blends like a dream and is lovely and soft, so no skin snagging :)

The little 'Eyes' paint point in 'Tundra'  is also very jolly. I love that it is made of glass, a rarity in packaging these days and the frosted effect adds a little bit of class I feel. The product is a dirty grey cream shadow with flecks of sparkle in for the glitter lover in you. I love the colour but still haven't worked out the best way to apply this- fingers, sponge tip, brush, but will let you know if I ever do! A slight problem for me with this product is the scent. It smells VERY chemically and I find this somewhat off putting, but this could be because pregnancy has made me ultra fragrance sensitive, so do have a whiff in store yourself!

My most favourite of the entire collection though is the Gloss Stick in 'Glisten'. Despite being called a gloss, I don't get this effect but do LOVE the colour with my darker hair and if I want a really juicy look, I have been adding a bit of Soap & Glory MotherPucker in 'BabyDoll'. It looks sensuous and yummy but not too mental/whorey (always best not to look a whore hahaha). The longevity is average, packaging is something I am happy to whip out in public and my lips don't feel parched after using- win, win, win.

I have actually made a YouTube video on these lovelies, which you can watch HERE, or alternatively, you can have a looksie on the official website below: 

Have you tried or will you be trying this range?



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Weekend...

Sweater: Men's ON. Fur Vest: Rachel Roy. Shorts: DYI cut off Seven Jeans. Tights: Hue. Bag: YSL. Sunglasses: Chloe. Jewelry: David Yurman, Michael Kors, Pomellato, Gap, BR.

Friday, March 18, 2011

LOU'S REVIEWS :: TopShop Sandstorm Cyclone Polish

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I've been super busy today, but I don't like to not post a video or article, so this is a really quickie (ooer misses!).

I went to the midwife this morning, hoping she would magically encourage Baby Glitter but alas, no such luck. She did say though that if there was no sign of her by next week we could do a ...... stretch and sweep! *shudder*. So tonight we've had the spiciest fajitas ever to smoke this little blighter out!!

Anyhooo, do you like this new nail polish? This is 'Cyclone' from the new TopShop Sandstorm Collection and retails for £5.

(Not the greatest of snaps I know, I was in a tizzy trying to get to midwives/feed the cat/find my bag etc etc- garghh!!)

I love the cube bottle, very chic and I enjoy the colour immensely. It's easily wearable for when you want something but not too much- perfect for job interviews and suchlike. Also, the joy of lighter colours is if they chip during the day, it isn't as noticeable, phewf! The cruddy picture above is just with 2 coats but no base or top coat, so I'm looking forward to spending a bit more time on them in future.

All in all, an ideal colour for when you're in a mad rush and want a tiny bit of subtle oomph.

I have quite a lot of the Sandstorm Collection and am really enjoying it, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts.

For more information on this polish, clickidy click HERE.



Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dress: Theory. Jacket: Stella McCartney for GapKids. Leggings: AA. Shoes: Loeffler Randall. Sunglasses: Chloe. Bag: Chanel. Jewelry: Lauren Elan c/o, David Yurman, Max&Chloe, Pomellato, Saks 5th, Gap, BR. Lips: YSL.

How incredible is this necklace, the Elyse, I received from Lauren Elan? Expect to see this fabulous piece in many posts to come…