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Friday, October 7, 2011


Aloha Bloggerinos,

Unless you have no eyes (In which case, I salute you for reading my blog), you will have seen that my blog has had a rather large makeover. I love it.

I loved my old header so much, it will always have a special place in my heart, but I felt the rest of my blog was getting messy, needed to clean it up a touch and didn't want to keep bothering Zoe. So, thankfully, a lovely gal and Bloggerino called Abby gave me a helping hand. I say 'helping hand', but what I mean is that she did the entire thing- she's a total wizz!!

You may remember her from a while back when I entered a blog competition with my favourite lipgloss and won! Woop! I won a few makeuppy bits, a Cath Kidston mug (which I still use) and a candle- lovely jubbly. Anyhoo, Abby has her own ultra swish blog, which you can check out HERE.
Abby has also been helping me with a ......wait for it......secret blog. Yes, I'm setting up another blog that will be purely for interviews, as this is something I'm getting into. As soon as that is a bit more sorted and snazzy, I shall give you the link. If you are an eager beaver and want to watch it be tweaked and fiddled (ooer) until it is totally ready, google Lou's Chatterviews and you might find it-ooooh a little challenge.

I wanted to publicly thank Abby for all her hard work- so THANK YOU chummy!! Perhaps I should fanx her!

I'd also like to thank (good grief, I should be standing on a stage, clutching a little gold man and weeping at this rate) all the lovely ladies who have bought some advertising space on the right hand side. Since having the revamp, I had a tidy and cleared some space. With all the new space, I have a few limited slots for advertising buttons. I was prreettttty surprised with the interest shown- I've even taken bookings for November! Wowzas!

Naturally I have had a looksie at all the blogs featured to the left and I must say, I am absolutely LOVING Laura Laments. Puurrlleeaasee click on her button and have a read, it's perfect 'snuggled up in bed in jimjams' reading. Just what you want on these cold nights.

Lots of exciting things coming up- I went to London and interviewed Liz Earle yesterday- THE Liz Earle!!!

Do you like change?