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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snuggle Time

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If, like me, you love Autumn, being cosy, handmade things and shabby chic girliness, then today's blog post is for you!!

Whilst I was pregnant with Baby Glitter, my Auntie Judith and I chose some beautifully pretty fabric. We bought it because Judith is a dab hand at sewing quilts and I was thrilled when she offered to make one for Baby Glitter's cot.

Due to a few lifey issues getting in the way, the quilt didn't quite make it in time for Baby Glitter's birth, but who needs a huge cosy quilt spring-summer? Not I. :)

With the chill of winter fast approaching, I was pleased as punch when Judith presented me and Baby Glitter with this gooorrgeous patchwork quilt. It is brushed cotton on top and fleecy on the underside. Blissful.

I hope Baby Glitter keeps this forever and it brings her great comfort in all the cold moments of her life.

Next up, a gifted item. My chum Marie from America, sent me these lovelies. They're baby leg warmers and are apparently all the rage in the States. I have never seen them over here in the UK, all similar things seem to have a gusset. Now, there's nothing wrong with a gusset, but when you are a baby and have regular nappy changes, a gusset can be pretty annoying. On Autumn days, when it's that inbetweeny weather and too warm for thick tights, but too cool for bare legs, these are PERFECT! If you like layering your baby, these are your pals. They're also really good for little knees learning to crawl on carpets/blankets/beds (yes, she is determined to chuck herself over the edge!).

I haven't found any in shops round these parts, but there are some really good ones on THIS ebay shop, for only £2.95 and FREE P&P. I think that's a snip and would make a lovely little stocking filler or baby shower gift too. I may stock up!

Do you remember my chum Yin Yin who made me a cerise cushion two years ago (if you are a super sprinklerino and have been reading that long!)? Well, she came up trumps once again and crafted this beautiful woollen blanket. It's the perfect size for Baby Glitter's pram and even more ideal for laying on the lounge floor and encouraging her rolling/crawling skills. Also, the slight OCDness in me is pleased that it matches the baby leg warmers. Haha lame.

Yin Yin must have spent so much time on this. Can you see the heart detail? I heart her very much indeed for creating this. I think there is something so special about handmade gifts.

This cable knit cardi was a gift from Matt's Aunt Patricia. It is uber soft and I love the peach petal shade. To be honest, if I saw this in my size, I'd be tempted! Cardigans are the perfect little add on to Baby Glitter's outfits and I always have a clean spare in her nappy bag, just in case.

And here is the little munchkin, in her Mini Mouse PJ's, ready for her morning bottle.

What are your Autumn snugglies? Are you a layering lady?