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Friday, October 14, 2011

Charity Shopping

Aloha Bloggerinos,

There is something about the moving of seasons, from Summer to Autumn, that makes me more inclined to mooch round shops and drink hot chocolates in cafes. With Baby Glitter wrapped up in her buggy and a cheery shopping companion (usually Auntie Ju or a chummy), mooching can be the greatest of activities.

However, this year we're on an even bigger budget than last. *Sigh*. With Matt being the main breadwinner and me being the HousewifeyMummyWoman, the cash isn't flowing. Familiar feeling?

Never one to let a lack of mula stop me, I have 'discovered' charity shopping, or 'thrifting'.

I know, I know, I'm not the first ever person to find charity shopping. It's been around for decades (my Auntie Judith is a firm fan of bargain hunting in this way) but this is the first year that I have really dipped my toe into the affordable past time.

I like to drive over to a pretty little town called Market Harborough, which is jam packed with charity, nicknack and independent little shops, as well and indoor market and bigger stores like Boots (ideal for me to pick up baby milk and nappies and utilise my loyalty card- I bloomin' love those Boots Points!), Sainsburys, Waterstones, Dorothy Perkins and NewLook. Once there, we meander round the charity shops and bargain hunt until we either stagger to Starbucks for a panini or Baby Glitter let's us know that she'd fed up. Surprisingly, it's usually us that flag first. Haha.

I only have snaps of a couple of bits, including a beaded necklace that I plan on taking apart and remaking in a different style and a super cute cotton top for Baby Glitter- loving the orange and purple detailing- very Autumn. As well as those bits, in the past I've snapped up a John Lewis Baby coat, a pink polka dot baby jacket (haha a lot of outerwear!), a mint green pashmina, tonnes of books for me and Baby Glitter, vintage comics for Matt, a xylaphone, glass icecream bowls and a few fun board games to whip out at Christmas. I'm yet to find any clothes for myself, but I shall continue to keep my eyes peeled.

Why I Enjoy Charity Shopping

~I have never paid more than £4 for anything I have bought.

~ You never get the post-shopping guilt, because all your mula has gone to a good cause.

~ You never know what you're going to see, so it's always ultra exciting to find something really good.

~ You can rest easy knowing you aren't adding to consumer waste and are being green.

Are you a thrifty lady? What's the BEST thing you have ever bought in a charity shop?