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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Interviewing Liz Earle

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As those of you who follow me on twitter (@Sprinkleofglitr) may know, last Thursday I went on a grand adventure to the big smoke, to meet THE Liz Earle.

Liz had kindly agreed to let me chatterview her and seeing as the 6th coincided with Baby Glitter's half birthday (can you believe she's six months already!?), I decided to take her along too. Being the HUGE Liz Earle fan that my Auntie Judith is, she asked to come along to and offer her assistance with Baby Glitter.

So the four of us, yes, I say four because we took the Silver Cross pram, which is so large it may as well have been a fourth person, set off on our London Adventure.

After successfully mastering the London Underground avec large pram and bambino, we strolled around Covent Garden, enjoying the quaint stalls, delicious smells and street performers.

After a lovely lunch (kindly paid for by Judith- thank you Auntie Jurbiff) in an open air cafe, we headed back onto the dreaded tube-with-buggy and had a mooch round Harrods. I must say, as much as it is a hassle to lug a baby and buggy round the underground, there are a lot of kind strong men down there who graciously helped and did their good deeds for the day. Thank you random men who will never read this!!

(Auntie Ju at the cafe in Covent Garden. For those interested, Judith is my Mum's sister, so if my Mum were alive today, I think she might look a bit like this but with brown hair. Another random fact- Baby Glitter LOVES that Tiffany necklace. Her little eyes light up whenever she has the chance to grab and yank it! haha)

We had a longing mooch round Harrods, oh how the other half live, and I told Baby Glitter that Mummy would make her millions and buy her the deluxe dolls house complete with miniature Rolls Royce car. If you are ever in London, you should absolutely check out Harrods, if only for the Food Hall- Yum!

Once we were completely mooched out, we headed over to Sloane Square and off to the swish Liz Earle Store. We arrived a little early and I had plans to change into a lovely new dress but at the last minute didn't, I wish I had now because EVERYONE at Liz Earle was in shmexy lady like dresses. Liz actually wore this dress, which I remarked was beautiful and very jazzy. You can't beat a few sequins, can you?!

Before the chatterview, I had time for a chat with Andrea in the coffee shop next door. Andrea is the lovely lady who sends me lots of fabulous goodies to try and it was great to put a face to the name. She was so chatty and interested in the blogging world, I could've nattered for ages. I wish, wish, wish I had taken a photo of the both of us because I feel like she is more of a chum than a faceless person in my inbox :)

And then it was time, time for me to meet the lady behind the brand, Liz Earle! Dun dun duuunnnn.

Liz was LOVELY. I'm not just saying that in case she reads this, but she really was wonderful. Very easy to talk to and very on her game. A cool bean if you will.

As luck would have it, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacie, co-authors of the famous Beauty Bible were there that evening for an exclusive shindig with Ms Earle and a few others and me, Auntie Judith, Baby Glitter AND the big ol' buggy were invited to stay and join in. If I had been alone, I would've gladly stayed all night, but as it was getting late, I wanted to get Baby Glitter home and into her bed so that her routine wasn't overly disrupted- sacrifices eh?

(Jo, Baby Glitter and Liz)

Needless to say, she had her fifteen minutes of fame and was cuddled by everyone. I kept thinking, 'she has noooo idea she is being squished by beauty industry celebs, the lucky little thing'. Auntie Ju was also pleased and punch to meet everyone, I suspect she is actually Liz Earle's number one customer ahaha.

(Baby Glitter and Sarah)

With all the excitement in us, we headed back to the train and chatted all the way home about our day in the capital.

You may be thinking, "weeeeellllll, where's the interview then?". Well Sprinklerinos, I have something exciting to tell you. Chatterviewing is something I plan to do a lot more of and so have set up a separate blog for the chatterview write-ups. The blog explains exactly what a chatterview is and is live right now! Yay!
If you would like to see what Liz had to say about the brand, cracking America and what she does on her days off, click HERE.

Don't forget to follow by clicking the 'Join This Site' button, so you can keep updated on all the latest chatterviews!!

All in all, a fabulous day! Thank you so much Liz for having me, Andrea for setting it all up and being a great email buddy and Jo and Sarah for giving Baby Glitter such big squishes.