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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Primarni Headband For You

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's 1.38am and I'm as awake as a....very awake thing.

I just uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel about a makeover I shall be doing on my chum Claire tomorrow. Anyhoo, I have noticed a fair few of you have commented asking where my head brand/wrap is from.

As it happens, this cosy little winter treat is from Primark, which (goodness knows why) doesn't have a website or online store. Sort this out please Mr Primark Boss!!!!
Anyway, because I loves you and want to share the warmtasticness of this, I have found it on ebay- hurrah!
If you would like to buy yourself one of these, click HERE. There seem to be tonnes more colours and styles on the ebay shop than I saw in store (although I did buy mine from a teenytiny Primarni) and they are being sold for £3.49 with free delivery, so not too bad, especially if you use paypal because it feels like free shopping- it's too easy dagnamit!!

Hope you're all having sparkly Saturdays and doing something infinitely more cool that sitting with your cat and watching old re-runs of Room 101. Anyone remember that show?