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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a simple story

Jacket: Joe Fresh. Sweater: Milly (the collar and cuffs are removable!). Skirt: Blaque Label (old but similar here). Tight: Hue. Shoes: Stuart Weitzman. Purse: Chanel. Sunglasses: Dior. Jewelry: Pomellato, YSL.

Happy Halloween 2012!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It is that most spookiest of times once again and in true ghoulish style, Baby Glitter and I have had our own mini celebration.

As you can imagine, Halloween with a toddler is exactly bone chilling, it's more "Oohhhh let's put glitter on pumpkins and drink orange juice from jam jars!", but that suits me just fine. I'm never one for scares and jumps!

This year, I avoided traditional pumpkin carving and opted for a much less messy affair. I like to make life easy and so dotted nail polish on the big one, stuck gems on the medium one and poured glitter over the tiddler. If you haven't already seen in, I made THIS how to video for the glitter topped pumpkin- might be worth checking out for next year!

Or, you can watch it below:

I know us British folk don't go too gaga for Halloween but it is something we enjoy in our home and I plan to involve Baby Glitter in it every year. I think it brings a lot of merriment and whimsy and Autumn just isn't the same without it.

Do you do anything for Halloween? I'd love to hear your household traditions!



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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giveaway Winners

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Well slap my wrist and call me 'slowcoach'. Yes, I'm a little late in announcing the winners of my last 2 YouTube giveaways, these things take time sometimes.

I hope you can forgive me?

Without further ado, here are the winners:

The Samsung Camera Giveaway :

Well done Fleur!! To claim your prize, please email me on with the subject, 'I'm The Camera Winner!!'. To prove you are you (I've been swizzed before), please could you take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper that says, "I'm Fleur King and I won the camera". I have seen your video so will know it's you then. Clever clever!!

Also, if you are following the other side of the Samsung Giveaway (about David Bailey), then there is more information about the next step of the process, HERE

The GlossyBox 3 Month Subscription Giveaway :


 Stacey if you could DM me your email and address from that Twitter account, I will pass your details onto the Glossy Team and have that arranged for you! Well done indeed!!

I really must apologise for taking so long to announce winners, it's terribly bad form and it won't happen again!

For those of you who live in America and other parts of the big wide world and were not able to enter these, I would love to hear what sort of things you would be interested to win and I will see what I can do for you! I feel awful that you have been left out two times in a row!

What's the best thing you have ever won in a giveaway?



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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mummy Dreams

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

The more I look at Baby Glitter, the more I can see that soon she won't be her name. She will soon grow out of babyhood and be firmly placed in a new chapter of her life, toddlerhood. She is developing a sense of self, recognising behaviour and growing into a beautiful little girl.

Whilst there'll be a heartfelt pang when she is no longer a 'baby', I'm feeling so excited for the future and what this brings for my relationship with her, and thought I would share some of my hopeful highlights.

Mummy - Daughter Dreams

Sharing a slice of cake together at the lovely garden centre near our house and chatting.

Her being really pleased with how I did her hair that day.

Allowing her to paint my nails in a rainbow of colours.

Getting dressed up together for family parties.

Blowing up balloons for her birthday.

Seeing her face on Christmas mornings.

Taking her to meet Santa.

Explaining about the magic of the Tooth Fairy.

Reading books under thick blankets as the rain pounds on the window.

Lighting candles and torches in power cuts and telling stories.

Building dens with pegs and sheets.

Making crafty art for when Daddy comes home.

Decorating cakes with sweets and icing.

Delivering holiday treats to neighbours.

Singing our favourite songs in the car.

Writing letters in pink felt tips.

Drinking hot chocolate from matching mugs. 

What do you look forward to doing with your children?



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Sunday, October 28, 2012

a road trip

// one // Denim: 7FAM. Shirt: Jcrew. Bag: Hunter. Shoes: Zara. Scarf: Forever21 (old) // two // Hanging with Shana from 'The Ropes'
// three // Morning walk in Cape Cod
// four // Visiting the Frank Clegg Factory
// five // In Kennebunkport // six // View from The Ramp in Cape Porpoise 
// seven // Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth
// eight // Mini moment in Maine
// nine // Chathum Bars Inn // ten // Boots: Hunter. Tights: Forever21. Skirt: Joie (last year). Bag: Hunter. Sweater: Jcrew (last Year).
// eleven // Oysters in Portland  at Eventide
// twelve // Scene from Kennebunkport

Thursday, October 25, 2012

cozy in kennebunkport

Jacket: Just Female via ASOS. Sweater: Zara (old). Leather Leggings: Paige (also buy here). Purse: Thanks to Gucci. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Super Duper'. Jewelry: YSL, Jcrew, David Yurman, JewelMint. Shoes: Thanks to Sigerson Morrison (also buy here).

Gifts for Girls || Christmas Love

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Now, I don't want to panic you, but Christmas is only 60 days away and it might be time to start thinking about presents. 

For me, Christmas shopping is always quite stressful and I like to start as early as I can to avoid mid-aisle meltdowns and a completely ruined bank account. I find that by shopping in a timely manner (ie, not leaving everything til mid December) and using an array of sources, you can gift people with beautiful items and enjoy the whole experience. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be talking a lot about gift ideas, decor, memories and activities, but today, it's a gifty one. Hurrah!

I bought Love Listography from ebay for one of my girl chums after buying a copy for my Sister from a home outlet store and absolutely loving it. 

The book itself is printed on sturdy rounded edged paper with beautiful illustrations and each page has a title in which you are to write underneath. Seeing as the book is based around love, so are the lists- "Favourite Romantic Movies, Best Dates You've Been On, etc".

I adore doodling and jotting down notes, ideas and lists so this is the kind of thing that would totally appeal to me and I hope to the gal I am gifting it to too! 

At around the £12 mark, this is an inexpensive and easy present to give. Two more upsides- Mr Postman will deliver it to your door AND books are easy peasy to wrap! Hooray!

Have you read this book? Are you a list lover?



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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sun up to sun down

Sweater: Madewell. Skirt: Jcrew Factory. Booties: Zara (recent). Boots on the Beach: Hunter via Gilt. Tights: Forever21. Purse: Coach 'Willis'. Snood: Saks 5th (old). Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Nails: Deborah Lippmann. Jewelry: David Yurman, YSL, Stella and Dot, Jcrew, Michele Watch c/o.

Monday, October 22, 2012

a fall date

Atlantic-Pacific Fall Date
Atlantic-Pacific Fall Date
Plaid Top: Ralph Lauren (old). Chambray: Jcrew. Skirt: Alexandra Grecco via Anthropologie (similar here). Shoes: Zara (similar here). Purse: Coach. Sunglasses: Dior. Nails: Deborah Lippmann. Necklace: BaubleBar. Jewelry: David Yurman, Michelle c/o. Stella and Dot. 

PS. The Atlantic-Pacific X BaubleBar gems are still available here for the next few weeks! 

Autumn Bucket List || Marie BitsandClips

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've mentioned her about six hundred and forty times in my YouTube videos, but I have a great friend called Marie. She lives in America with her Husband, Bambino and Mama and has a fantastic channel which you'd be a fool not to subscribe to. 

Recently, Marie set up a blog so that she can share more of her passions with you all, and as a fellow Autumn Lover, has set up a new feature that I couldn't wait to get involved in. All the rules of it are HERE, so if you would like to get involved, head on over and join in with the fun!

As part of Marie's feature, I have chosen 'MakeUp'. Surprise, surprise!

This is a still from a video that I filmed for my YouTube Channel as I was feeling particularly Autumnal that day. I wish, wish, wish I'd done some 'proper' FOTD shots but I'm still pleased with this. Woop.

I opted for rusty eye shadows (MAC Crystal Avalanche, Amber Lights and Antiqued), black liquid liner), a touch of bronzer and Revlon Stain Balm in Flame. I think the orange and copper is tres pumpkin-esque and is a look I find myself coming back to every October. Team all that with red nails and a cosy jumper and you're all set for brisk walks in crunchy leaves and cosy TV nights with the man in your life- what bliss.

I know it seems a little melodramatic to say that a splash of orange lipstick makes me feel differently, but I really do believe that when you look a certain way, it can go far towards making you feel a certain way.

Autumn my most favourite time of the year so I am loving incorporating it into Glitter World. If you would like to join in with this feature, or even just have a mooch round Marie's blog (you'll love it), then HERE'S the link again.

What's you're favourite part of fall? Let's get cosy in the comments!



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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Amazing Advertisers || October

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's that time again. Time to talk about the lovely Sprinklerinos who are sharing their blogs with you this month as Amazing Advertisers. 

(Image -

Morgan Prather jewellery is a delight to behold. Beautifully delicate and very reasonably prices. I love the stamped owls for Autumn and think the personalised silver bracelets would make rather fabulous gifts, especially for birthdays (I always try a bit harder for birthdays than Christmas- is that just me?). This is definitely an etsy shop I'll be spending a lot more in and am sure you'll love it too.

Made Up of Little Things is my Ultimate Advertiser this month and I couldn't be more thrilled. Her blog is a total 'warm fuzzy'. Packed full of hauls, lifestyle posts and recipes, this site is perfect for the aspiring domestic goddess. The nosey side of me absolutely loves the weekly roundup style posts and I am really enjoying the cancer awareness features that are running this month. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Go and have a look!

Well, thanks to this blog, I now want to buy the new Love Goddess MAC lipstick from the Monroe Collection! Beautiful swatches, hauls, reviews and beauty chat in general, this is a great blog. I would call this little slice of the net a 'classic' beauty blog and I love the well thought out content and well lit photography.

Emily is a long time advertiser, first time medium packager- exciting! I really love the uniqueness of this blog. All the posts start with 'Emily hearts..' and then the product she is talking about/reviewing. Very clever. I love the wide variety of products featured, all from different price ranges too- yay for appealing to everyone's budget. With a great layout and easy to read posts, this is a great blog worth your time.

Stop reading this blurb right now. Just go and read this blog. Honestly, this blog is amazing. All the articles are SO interesting and easily ratable. I love the variety, I love the layout, I love the writing style, I love the lot. Also, I love that goats cheese toasties were chosen above PE. If you do one thing today, read this blog. That is all.

You know how some blogs are on your mental 'Daily Read's' list? Well Charlotte's is on mine. I haven't met her but through her blog I feel so connected to her (how creepy does that sound??) and like we would get on so well if we were 'real life friends'.  Her life sounds utterly charming and I have really enjoyed her blog questions post that she wrote last week. I love to know the behind the scenes of blogs. Do you?

Becky's blog is full to the cyber-brim of makeup, hair and body products, as well as events, reviews, giveaways and the promise of personal style posts. She is currently asking you if you have anything you'd like to ask for a new blog feature, so if you have any burning questions, get on over and ask! Woop woop!

So there you have it, the ladies (men are welcome too!) of the sidebar this month! Have you found any new favourites? 

If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter, all the details can be found HERE. Prices are listed in US Dollars so be sure to use google to view the conversions- it'll be a lot less than you think!
Adverts run for 30 days and are securely handled by passionfruitads, as doing myself was getting tricky and I kept missing email requests! Ooopsie! Now it's all safe and accurate and I'm happy as a clam!



Friday, October 19, 2012

jumping puddles

Atlantic-Pacific Jumping Puddles
Atlantic-Pacific Jumping Puddles
Atlantic-Pacific Jumping Puddles
Atlantic-Pacific Jumping Puddles
Atlantic-Pacific Jumping Puddles
Atlantic-Pacific Jumping Puddles

// one // Jacket: Zara. Gingham Shirt: Madewell. Sweater: Topshop (old). Skirt: Zara. Socks: Madewell. Boots: Hunter. Sunglasses: Karen Walker // two // Stripe Dress: Jcrew. Trench: Banana Republic. Chambray Dress: Jcrew. Boots: Hunter c/o. Bag: Hunter c/o. Scarf: Madewell. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Lips: NARS 'Schiap'.

I love a good pair of I jumped on the chance to partner with Hunter.  Check out the full post here! XO BEE

Loves of Late || Autumn

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Happy Friday! I work from home so weekdays and weekends all merge together usually, but for some reason, today I feel like celebrating the on coming weekend. Go figure. 

I thought that since I'm in a happily reflective mood, it might be fun to talk about things that I have been loving of late, big and small. 

Loves of Late

heartBringing Baby Glitter back to Sprinkle of Glitter. If you follow my Facebook Page I talked about this a few days ago, but in a nutshell : she's going to be slowly brought back. In retrospect (and I've had 6 months of time to think about it, which is a third of her little life!), I took her off in a haze of rash panic. I had a disgusting comment that I wont repeat and panicked. For months it didn't sit right that I'd removed her and I came to realise that haters will always hate. They will do whatever they can to try and discourage you from doing what makes you happy, because they are so unhappy. It made me so happy to have my two babies (Sprinkle of Glitter is like a second bambino to me) be together and was a bit poopy writing a lifestyle blog without the biggest part of my life in it! So, little by little, she'll be back. To make me feel extra secure in my decision, Matt and I talked it through for a good couple of weeks and made a couple of lifestyle changes that have really put my mind at rest. I know there will be lots and lots of people who will be pleased to see her again, and some who think I should leave her off, but ultimately, she's my baba and it's up to me. So, yay for unbelievable cuteness again!!

Learning more about something I love. I recently completed a week long intensive makeup artistry course with Illamasqua (full review to come shortly) and thought it was brilliant. It was quite a challenge commuting into London every day and I missed Baby Glitter a lot (she had a fantastically spoilt week with her Grandparents), but I now feel full to the brim with beauty knowledge!

Feeling rich with friends. I have been making a concerted effort to text back! One of my (many) failings in life is that I read a text whilst doing something else and think, 'Oh that was nice, I'll text him/her back when I'm finished doing this' and then never do! It's awful! Friends become annoyed, I feel bad, etc etc. So, this last couple of weeks I have been like a hound dog on my phone and replied and conversed and arranged meets and trips and dinners and double dates and I feel great for it. Sometimes, because I work from home and care for the bambino all day, I feel a little isolated and forgotten. Being more proactive has really highlighted how lucky I am to have such a wide support network of love and fun and I feel truly blessed by it.

Going to bed earlier. Who would've thought it? I'm the ultimate night owl and always joke that my peak time is 11pm. This last 2 weeks I have been going to bed at the same time as Matt and have found myself rising a lot earlier too. I've been getting a lot more done around the house (thank goodness- it was beginning to get crazy!) and going to bed at the same time as my Husband has been lovely (minds out of gutters please ladies ;) , I mean we have a good opportunity to catch up on our days and discuss plans for the next). 

The little things. Yesterday I washed one of Baby Glitter's tutu's and as I hung it up to dry I thought how lucky I was to be able to have such pretty things laying around my home, for my little girl. Sometimes I hold her and send a million 'thank you's' up to the sky because she is the treasure of my life and I can't believe I have her. I love all the things that come with little girls - delicate clothes, dolls houses, bows in hair, sweet baby babble, the lot. It melts my heart on a daily basis. 

The downside of all these wonderful things is that my blog and YouTube channel have been somewhat neglected. Woopsie. As of November, Baby Glitter will be in nursery for 2 afternoons a week and with my Auntie for 2 mornings a week, so with any luck, those 2 full days for me will become writing and filming days and a healthy balance will be restored. The housework will just have to wait....

Oooooooh that was therapeutic typing all of that goodness out! If you would like to do a similar post on your blog, feel free to use the image and link it back here as it's credit. Do let everyone know in the comments if you have written one so we can come and see your happy things. If you don't have a blog, sharing feels great so why not just tell me in the comments what you have loved of late? Or, if you don't feel chipper about sharing here (we don't bite though, I promise), then why not make a personal facebook status or just tell a chum or colleague something good. You'll feel amazing for it!



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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Skirt: Blaque Label (old). Turtleneck: Martin + Osa (old). Jacket: Carven thanks to My-Wardrobe. Tights: American Apparel. Shoes: Tory Burch c/o(last seen here). Purse: Valentino. Sunglasses: Dior

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Being the very luck girl I am, I have a vast beauty collection that I have built up over the months and years and like every other product obsessed gal, I find myself going through cycles of favourites. 

I usually make YouTube videos on this kind of thing but I thought it might make a change to do a blog post on it this time.

There are no hard and fast rules with what may or may not constitute as a favourite, these are just a few things that I have found myself reaching for time and time again over the last few weeks. 

Sparkly Hair Bow :: I bought this a few years ago from Accesorize and by some sort of wonder, haven't lost it yet! I like to add it to topknots to add a little fizz and jazz.

Essie Nail Polish in 'Dive Bar' :: A recent purchase from Boots. I love the deep jewel like tones of blue, purple and green in this. The varnish doesn't last as long as I'd like, probably about 3 days chip free and then what with it being a dark polish, it looks pretty messy and it's time for a new manicure. The colour swings it for me though. I'm a magpie at heart. 

Gucci II Perfume :: I treated myself to this when Baby Glitter was about four months old, whilst we were in Liverpool. It was a big splurge (I think about £60) so I use it pretty sparingly. That being said, I've been spritzing it a lot lately and relishing in the sophisticated fragrance. It makes me feel so grown up and together.

Revlon Lip Butter :: I threw this one in the mix to represent ALL the lip butters. I love them. I loved them when they first launched and I love them as much today. They are such an easy go-to product if you want a splash of colour and very low maintenance. There's no need for liners or lip brushes and they are uber nourishing. Perfect!

FashionistA Brow Kit :: This little beauty* has been taming my brows and making me very happy. It comes with quite a good little brush (I don't usually like the little applicators kits comes with, but this surpassed my expectations), tweezers, 3 powder colours and a setting wax. It also has a sizable mirror and sturdy black packaging. All in all, a total winner. The products are well pigmented and last a good amount of time. Happy brows. 

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush :: I'm not usually one for blush products as I have naturally rosey cheeks and tend to try and fight the red, so it's unusual for me to have this type of product in a favourites. I have enjoyed applying this gently with my finger tips and have felt it has given me quite a youthful, fresh look. Ideal for tired Mummy's.

Primark Bling :: You can't beat a primarni bargain! I buy quite a lot of my accessories from there because they are cheap and cheerful and if I loose or break them, it's not a huge loss. 

I'm sure in a little while I'll have a whole new set of loves and of course, I will be sure to share them with you all.

What have you been loving this Autumn? If you have any links to reviews or hauls you have done or products you are lusting after, feel free to share them on my Facebook Page- it's a lovely community.



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Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend wear

Pants: ASOS. Shoes: Coach (last seen here). Shirt: Haute Hippie (old). Purse: Vintage LV. Lips: NARS 'Schiap'. Jacket: Levis. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze'. Belt: Jcrew. Necklaces: BaubleBar. Jewelry: Kate Spade, Michael Kors Watch, David Yurman, Stella and Dot, JewelMint.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Displaying Instagram Photos

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

Remember a couple of months ago in July, I wrote a blog post about making a DIY Instagram Collage? In it I talked about my Instagram obsession and how I loved printing out my memories (I used a fabulous service called Printstagram).

Since then, my obsession with the little memory documenting app and printing service has only grown and I have been exploring new ways to display snippits of life throughout my home. 

Ways To Display Instagram Pictures

In Frames

This frame is from dotcomgiftshop and is the perfect fit for the 2x2's. I added the pink bow myself to cover the nail and to add some extra girlieness. Yes, I framed my baby and my beauty products. Is that normal? Haha I doubt it. I don't have too many pictures of Matt on my Instagram account because he's not one for being on camera. I shall have to coax him!

In 'Flick-Thru' Pots

I like to keep the little squares in cute trinket boxes/tins/pots etc in accessible places, so that when we feel in the mood, we can just have a flick through and be reminded of nice things or fun moments. It's also nice to have them when quests pop round as they can be good talking points or something for them to do whilst you make drinks. Just make sure you keep the cringey ones out of reach!

On Pegs

A while back I bought a little bag of mini pegs from eBay with another purpose in mind. That project didn't come to fruition, but when I had my photos delivered, I knew what I wanted to do. Simply bang 2 nails into your wall (or attach some sort of hook), tie a little bit of string/wool/ribbon and voila! An instagram washing line. I think because the prints and pegs are both mini, it looks really cute. Also, you can switch them up and swap them about til your heart's content as the pegs leave no marks. 

In Display Cases

I bought my display case from a home outlet store called 'Home Sense' for under £20 and it was by Cynthia Rowley. I've had a little look on ebay but didn't find you any, so you may have to do some google detective work if you would like one. I have used it to showcase newspaper articles I was in (a little vain I know but I'm proud of myself), trinkets, letters from afar, dried petals and of course, my instagram prints. It lives in our hall and is a great focal point and really draws attention to the things I love and feel passionately about.

I opted to have my photographs printed in 2 inch by 2 inch squares because I feel like it gives a quaint Polaroid touch to them and that floats my boat. I also like that you can slip them into purses and wallets to keep as momentos to make you smile at a glance.

If you're on instragram and are happy for other Sprinklerinos to follow you, feel free to leave you insta-name below. I'm 'Sprinkleofglitr'. It might be fun because we all have something in common and you might make new chums. Also, if you have any ideas for displaying printed instagram photographs, tell me! I'm hooked!!



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happy, happy Friday

Jacket: RED Valentino. Belt: Milly. Shoes: Thanks to Tory Burch. Tights: Hue. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Number One'. Jewelry: David Yurman, Rings Bauble Bar, Jcrew, Watch Michelle (last seen here).