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Friday, October 12, 2012

Displaying Instagram Photos

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

Remember a couple of months ago in July, I wrote a blog post about making a DIY Instagram Collage? In it I talked about my Instagram obsession and how I loved printing out my memories (I used a fabulous service called Printstagram).

Since then, my obsession with the little memory documenting app and printing service has only grown and I have been exploring new ways to display snippits of life throughout my home. 

Ways To Display Instagram Pictures

In Frames

This frame is from dotcomgiftshop and is the perfect fit for the 2x2's. I added the pink bow myself to cover the nail and to add some extra girlieness. Yes, I framed my baby and my beauty products. Is that normal? Haha I doubt it. I don't have too many pictures of Matt on my Instagram account because he's not one for being on camera. I shall have to coax him!

In 'Flick-Thru' Pots

I like to keep the little squares in cute trinket boxes/tins/pots etc in accessible places, so that when we feel in the mood, we can just have a flick through and be reminded of nice things or fun moments. It's also nice to have them when quests pop round as they can be good talking points or something for them to do whilst you make drinks. Just make sure you keep the cringey ones out of reach!

On Pegs

A while back I bought a little bag of mini pegs from eBay with another purpose in mind. That project didn't come to fruition, but when I had my photos delivered, I knew what I wanted to do. Simply bang 2 nails into your wall (or attach some sort of hook), tie a little bit of string/wool/ribbon and voila! An instagram washing line. I think because the prints and pegs are both mini, it looks really cute. Also, you can switch them up and swap them about til your heart's content as the pegs leave no marks. 

In Display Cases

I bought my display case from a home outlet store called 'Home Sense' for under £20 and it was by Cynthia Rowley. I've had a little look on ebay but didn't find you any, so you may have to do some google detective work if you would like one. I have used it to showcase newspaper articles I was in (a little vain I know but I'm proud of myself), trinkets, letters from afar, dried petals and of course, my instagram prints. It lives in our hall and is a great focal point and really draws attention to the things I love and feel passionately about.

I opted to have my photographs printed in 2 inch by 2 inch squares because I feel like it gives a quaint Polaroid touch to them and that floats my boat. I also like that you can slip them into purses and wallets to keep as momentos to make you smile at a glance.

If you're on instragram and are happy for other Sprinklerinos to follow you, feel free to leave you insta-name below. I'm 'Sprinkleofglitr'. It might be fun because we all have something in common and you might make new chums. Also, if you have any ideas for displaying printed instagram photographs, tell me! I'm hooked!!



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