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Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn Bucket List || Marie BitsandClips

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've mentioned her about six hundred and forty times in my YouTube videos, but I have a great friend called Marie. She lives in America with her Husband, Bambino and Mama and has a fantastic channel which you'd be a fool not to subscribe to. 

Recently, Marie set up a blog so that she can share more of her passions with you all, and as a fellow Autumn Lover, has set up a new feature that I couldn't wait to get involved in. All the rules of it are HERE, so if you would like to get involved, head on over and join in with the fun!

As part of Marie's feature, I have chosen 'MakeUp'. Surprise, surprise!

This is a still from a video that I filmed for my YouTube Channel as I was feeling particularly Autumnal that day. I wish, wish, wish I'd done some 'proper' FOTD shots but I'm still pleased with this. Woop.

I opted for rusty eye shadows (MAC Crystal Avalanche, Amber Lights and Antiqued), black liquid liner), a touch of bronzer and Revlon Stain Balm in Flame. I think the orange and copper is tres pumpkin-esque and is a look I find myself coming back to every October. Team all that with red nails and a cosy jumper and you're all set for brisk walks in crunchy leaves and cosy TV nights with the man in your life- what bliss.

I know it seems a little melodramatic to say that a splash of orange lipstick makes me feel differently, but I really do believe that when you look a certain way, it can go far towards making you feel a certain way.

Autumn my most favourite time of the year so I am loving incorporating it into Glitter World. If you would like to join in with this feature, or even just have a mooch round Marie's blog (you'll love it), then HERE'S the link again.

What's you're favourite part of fall? Let's get cosy in the comments!



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