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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Amazing Advertisers || October

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's that time again. Time to talk about the lovely Sprinklerinos who are sharing their blogs with you this month as Amazing Advertisers. 

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Morgan Prather jewellery is a delight to behold. Beautifully delicate and very reasonably prices. I love the stamped owls for Autumn and think the personalised silver bracelets would make rather fabulous gifts, especially for birthdays (I always try a bit harder for birthdays than Christmas- is that just me?). This is definitely an etsy shop I'll be spending a lot more in and am sure you'll love it too.

Made Up of Little Things is my Ultimate Advertiser this month and I couldn't be more thrilled. Her blog is a total 'warm fuzzy'. Packed full of hauls, lifestyle posts and recipes, this site is perfect for the aspiring domestic goddess. The nosey side of me absolutely loves the weekly roundup style posts and I am really enjoying the cancer awareness features that are running this month. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Go and have a look!

Well, thanks to this blog, I now want to buy the new Love Goddess MAC lipstick from the Monroe Collection! Beautiful swatches, hauls, reviews and beauty chat in general, this is a great blog. I would call this little slice of the net a 'classic' beauty blog and I love the well thought out content and well lit photography.

Emily is a long time advertiser, first time medium packager- exciting! I really love the uniqueness of this blog. All the posts start with 'Emily hearts..' and then the product she is talking about/reviewing. Very clever. I love the wide variety of products featured, all from different price ranges too- yay for appealing to everyone's budget. With a great layout and easy to read posts, this is a great blog worth your time.

Stop reading this blurb right now. Just go and read this blog. Honestly, this blog is amazing. All the articles are SO interesting and easily ratable. I love the variety, I love the layout, I love the writing style, I love the lot. Also, I love that goats cheese toasties were chosen above PE. If you do one thing today, read this blog. That is all.

You know how some blogs are on your mental 'Daily Read's' list? Well Charlotte's is on mine. I haven't met her but through her blog I feel so connected to her (how creepy does that sound??) and like we would get on so well if we were 'real life friends'.  Her life sounds utterly charming and I have really enjoyed her blog questions post that she wrote last week. I love to know the behind the scenes of blogs. Do you?

Becky's blog is full to the cyber-brim of makeup, hair and body products, as well as events, reviews, giveaways and the promise of personal style posts. She is currently asking you if you have anything you'd like to ask for a new blog feature, so if you have any burning questions, get on over and ask! Woop woop!

So there you have it, the ladies (men are welcome too!) of the sidebar this month! Have you found any new favourites? 

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