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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Recently, I was sent Liz Earle's Superskin Body Cream to try, test and review.

As you may know, if you are a regular reader of Sprinkle of Glitter (which I do hope you are), I regularly review Liz Earle products and absolutely love them. I find they suit my skin beautifully, do the job they say they will and look great on my dressing table too.

So when the Superskin Body Cream popped through my letterbox, I was pretty excited.

Liz Earle says:

"This divinely aromatic, ultra-rich body cream is formulated with 25% plant oils – making it our most intensive body moisturiser ever. With East African shea butter, organic rosehip oil, antioxidant cranberry seed oil and pomegranate extract, natural source vitamin E, plus the divine scent of neroli, this luxurious cream helps mature or very dry skin look and feel visibly plump and smooth."

Weeeeellll I don't have mature skin (at least I hope I don't, being a spritely 20something!) or very dry skin. I would say I lean more towards dry on the moisture scale, but not very dry. I think this is why this product, is sadly not for me.

As always with Liz Earle products, the packaging is sophisticated and luxurious- how may other body creams come in a fancy double carded box? Although, for £28.10 for the 200ml tube, you'd want a bit of zazz, non?

The problem I had with this, didn't lie in the beautiful packaging though, it was the actual product- the cream.

I found the scent to be extremely strong and reminded me quite a lot of an older lady. As you will know, I'm fussy about smells but Matt agreed that this was perhaps a bit much. I suppose if you liked the smell and didn't want to wear any perfume then this might suit, but for me, it was a no no.

Onto the actual cream. I didn't like it. Yes, IT DID MOISTURISE. I can't fault it in the doing-your-job-department, but it was incredibly oily. When dispensed from the squeezy tube (more on this in a mo), there was a little puddle of oil surrounding the cream. This does rub in and is only because of the 25% plant oils but for me, I didn't like it. It wasn't aesthetically pleasing.

I think this item would have been better suited to a pump dispenser or perhaps a finer nozzle because it very quickly became all messy and gunky, which a) looks bleaugh and b) encourages bacteria and other nasties.

I must say, I feel awful to give a Liz Earle product a bad review and I did think about this for a loonnng time before I wrote it. In the end I decided that Sprinkle of Glitter's loyalty must always lie with it's Bloggerinos. I will always tell you the truth about my thoughts on a product, even if it means I might not get sent any more from that particular brand.

In summary, the Superskin Body Cream wasn't suited for me. That isn't to say the product is bad, it does moisturise and I had no negative skin reactions, it just wasn't my cuppa tea.

I do however have a review of the Sheer Skin Tint coming up and that is a woweeamazingiloveitsomuch kinda item, so I won't feel too bad for the thumbs down today!

Have you tried this product? Do you like oily creams?