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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Spree

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This is a little late, since I have bought a few more lovely things since this little spree. Yes, it's naughty, I know, but I came into a little bit of money (I'm not talking megabucks here, I'm talking under £200) so I have treated myself to a few things and I thought I'd share.

You may well have seen my Garnier Day Cream review (click HERE if you haven't and want to) and I spoke about the Mother Puker Lipgloss last year. My tube ran out so I had to re buy it because I luurrvvee it so very, very much. I actually entered a little post on it into Abby's (her blog Abbzzw) Giveaway and it won! Woohoo! I still use my Cath Kidston mug- thank you Abby!!

Out of this little haul, I wanted to talk to you about the two lipsticks. It's love. Literally, love. In the snap above they look fluro orange but that's because I had to pop a lamp on because it was dusk and my camera is poopsicles. I've been wearing them in a lot of my recent videos and received a tonne of comments on them so I couldn't not write a blog post. :)

The Beauty UK Lipstick is in Naughty and the Sleek Lipstick is in Candy Cane. They are both a sheen finish, I tend not to like matte or frost finished lipsticks so these are right up my street. Neither of them leave my lips feeling dry and both have great staying power. I would say they don't last as long as MAC but they do fair a great deal better than other drugstore lipsticks I have tried.

The Sleek Candy Cane Lipstick retails for £4 and the Beauty UK Naughty Lipstick for £3.49. I think you'll agree that these are really excellent prices.On the Beauty UK website, it suggests that the product is infused with a minty flavour but personally, I didn't get this. I'm not overly bothered though, I love the colour, finish and price enough for it not to be an issue. The Sleek lipstick is said to contain vitamin E, so this is always a bonus. Gotta love those vitamins!

Swatches:  Sleek Candy Cane one swizz of lipstick (yes, a swizz/stroke/layer, you get my jist), Sleek Candy Cane double swizz to demonstrate how you can build up your coverage. Then, third from the left, Beauty UK Naughty one swizz and then the same but with two swizzes.

As you can see, they are both so similar that I perhaps didn't need to purchase them both, Superdrug mania got the better of me though! Ahaha. Does anyone else suffer from that?

Well that was my mini spree and review. I have actually bought a very spangly perfume and a couple of MAC things too, so I shall do a post on these very soon!

I hope you all had sparkly weekends.