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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: HD Brow Kit- Foxy

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I was sent this High Definition Brow Kit a few weeks back and since I feel I have now thoroughly tested it, I thought I would share my thoughts with you all.

The HD Brow Kit comes in 3 different versions- Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for brunettes and Vamp for those of us with very dark hair. I have been given Foxy because I have brown hair and might I just say- it is the PERFECT match!

Each kit contains 4 anti-smudge pressed powders which can actually be used as eyeshadows or eyeliners as well, depending on what kind of brush you use. You could even use the very light hue as a subtle highlighter for uner the brow bone.

I have been using the little brush provided and the light chocolate brown for my brows and a little certainly does go a long way. I have also used the 2 lighter shades on my chum Charlotte's brows and even though she is blonde and the kit is designed for brunettes, it worked perfectly, so there is a lot of scope for flexibility with this product.

I think the packaging of this product is rather swish. It arrives in a sleek black box and the palette, as you can see, matches the black theme. I really like black packaged products, I think they feel demure or grownup somehow. I also like the that eyebrow brush is actually quite good at it's job (usually the provided applicators are pretty poor) and that there is a reasonable sized mirror, so you could take this product out and about with you and apply on the go. I will definitely be taking this on my upcoming travels!

So here you have a bit of a barefaced snap, with my eyebrows in their au naturel state.

And here we have it once I have used the Foxy HD Brow Palette. I actually prefer this to my MAC Eyebrow Pencils in Fling and Dirty Blonde- something I thought would never ever happen!!

It has great staying power- as in, is there when I take my makeup off at night, and I love how it makes my eyebrows just look lovely and defined and natural and not 'drawn on', like some products do.

Above is the eyebrow in question (ooof sounds like it's done something wrong, naughty little eyebrow) but with the rest of my makeup applied. I think alone it looked a little severe so I wanted to show you that it looks lovely (even if I do say so myself) when everything else is set.

The HD Brow Kit retails for £19.99 and you can find more info about it HERE or call 0845 644 3994 (ext 32). I think for such a versatile product with 4 shades, decent brush, mirror and good packaging, this is a great price and I would happily repurchase!
What do you think? Do perfect brows float your boat?