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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Number 17 Instant Glow

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

After mine and Zoe's super splurge in Boots last month, it felt it was about time to start reviewing a few of the things I picked up and letting you all know what I thought. I like to give products a good go before I review them, so I feel it's been about enough time to be fair and honest. Hurrah.

This is the Number 17 Instant Glow from Boots and retails for £4.59 for a large, sturdy compact containing 20g of product.

It's big, it's pretty, it's affordable.....and that's where the positive points end. 

This item was an enormous let down. The gold leopard print spots vanish with one swirl of a brush as they are clearly just sprayed on- disappointing if you are a lover of glitz, like moi. After that you are left with what you hope is going to be a decent bronzer, but alas, it isn't. The pigment is almost non existent, the formula chalky and the duration it stays on for is practically negligible.

I think in all the years (haha, a whole 2!) I have been blogging, this is the most negative review I have ever written, but I cannae tell a porky pie. Please lovely Sprinklerinos, do not waste your pennies on this product. It will very quickly find it's way to the bin or the back of your drawer and you'll wish you'd saved your mula for something more exciting, like cut price mini eggs. 

I hope you don't think me a moaning murtle for being so down on the Number 17 Instant Glow Bronzer, Sprinkle of Glitter will always be a place of honestly.