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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Curvy OOTD :: Smart Orange

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

You know when you find a dress that you can dress up, dress down, wear to everything and make it work? This is one of them. I've styled it in a couple of ways, but today I'm feeling tres professional, so thought I would share the smarter look with you. 

Orange Skater Dress - H&M. They also sell this in navy (or they did when I bought them about three months ago) and the cut of them is beyond flattering- whoever designed them needs a medal. 

Black Cardigan - H&M. Fairly standard and something everywhere sells. I feel like I have about 40!

Gold Buttoned Leggings - Evans. Usually I think Evans stock nothing but paisley tents, but these leggings were a little gem and worth spending a bit more on because they haven't bobbled, thinned or snagged like their cheaper counterparts may have done.

Sparkly Black Belt - Next. This belt came in a set of two with a gold one and I love them both and wear them a great deal more than I anticipated to. Worth the £12.

Orange Scalloped Edge Shoes - NewLook. I bought these just after I had Darcy as a treat to myself and they have been a firm favourite ever since. They are heels but not stripper style high (although we all love a good stripper shoe here and there, non?), made of suede so fit like a dream and overall, add a touch of elegance. Even if I do say so myself. Which I do.

Snakeskin Black Clutch Bag - Next. I bought this some time ago but you can't swing a dead cat in Next without finding a black going out bag, so you'll be 'reet.

Black Ring - Borrowed (forever haha) from Zoechummy.

Green Glass Earrings - Miss Selfridge, SEVEN years ago. I had to include these and explain the story behind them. I call them my 'lucky' earrings, because they were bought when I was going through a phase when I could have done with some luck! It was the Summer of 2005 and I was sitting my end of year university exams. At the exact same time I had met a boy. I was completely infatuated and wanted to spend every waking (and sleeping- ooer) minute with him and I couldn't think of anything else at all. I wasn't sure that he felt the same way (he had said he didn't want a relationship) and I don't know how he got so under my skin but he did.

I was sat in one of my exams and it was twenty minutes in. I realised I hadn't studied nearly enough, knew none of the answers and wanted only to go and see the boy. In a moment of total madness, I got up, grabbed my bag and marched out of the exam hall. I went straight to the shops, on a whim, bought these green glass earrings and went to see the boy and tell him how I felt.

I failed the exam and resat it that summer. 

I married the boy. 

Turns out, they were lucky.