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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dream Glossybox Winner

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A few weeks ago on my YouTube Channel I hosted a Dream Glossybox competition, where you all had the opportunity to win an exact copy of the box I designed and showed you. It had 5 of my favourite products and was packaged beautifully in one of the limited edition hot pink boxes- yippee!!

You entered in your droves, but there could only be one winner. If you didn't win this time, panic ye not, I have another rather swanky giveway on the cards OR you could enter my 7000 Blog Follower Pixi Makeup Kit Giveaway which is STILL RUNNING and open INTERNATIONALLY! Yaaaaayyyy!!

And the lucky Sprinklerino of the Dream Glossybox is.......


If this is you, please drop me a YouTube Inbox Message from your account (so I can verify that you are you and not a cheeky cheater!) and we can sort out sending you prize to you.

I love doing these giveaways for you magical lot, so thank you all for the fizzy support you give to them and I hope you can all give MACBarbie16100 a big pat on the back!