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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Shower 'Essentials' Kit

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since putting on my magic Mummy cloak over a year ago now, I have found myself answering quite a lot of queries regarding what to buy for a friend/colleague/relative with a bump, and thought that I would impart my humble advise upon you all.

One of my lovely Sister-In-Law's (Helen) is currently pregnant with her first tiny human, and due this summer. I decided that I would put a little effort into her gift  and make her something I know I would have loved when I was expecting.

It is a great big box, jam packed with all the boring yet oh-so-handy bits that you just don't want to run out and buy when you have a 3 week old infant, sick in your hair and severe sleep deprivation. Do I paint a pretty picture of the early days? Haha.

I know that so many other people will buy cutesie outfits, ornaments and booties, that I wanted to offer her something practical but dress it up beautifully- hence the packaging!

So, my box includes:

Stacking Cups
Baby Sponges
A Bottle Brush
Teething Rings
Hairbrush & Comb Set
Disposable Change Mats
A Cute Tiny Lion Toys
Big Bunch of White Socks
Scratch Mits
Cotton Wool Oval Pads
A Swwweeeettt Onsie (I caved!)
Short Sleeved Vests
Socket Covers
Muslin Squares
Bath Thermometer
Avent Milk Powder Dispenser
Scissors and Nail Clippers
White Bibs

Alternatively, if you are looking to spend a little less, I found this cuu-uuuuuttteeeeee Mummy Survival Kit for under a fiver! Bargain!!

If you'd like to see a picture that was taken of me on the day of my very own baby shower, HERE it is! Ahhh, I almost miss having a bump!

Do you have any top tips for Baby Shower Gifts?