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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My 25th Birthday (Again....)

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Well, it's my birthday. I'm 25 again. Yessss, this is a total lie, I am aging like a prune but fighting it like a trooper- thank you beauty industry.

I have had frankly, the most brilliant couple of days. Want to hear about them? Of course you do! Who doesn't want to hear good things? Sadists. Ahaha.

As many of you may be aware, Zoe and I launched our new makeup brush shop (Louella) on Thursday and we have been delighted at your enthusiasm- we were inundated with orders and thoroughly enjoyed the evil stares we were given at the post office! Some of you have already received your kits and said such wonderful things, that my birthday was already off to a good start!

Friday's orders making their jolly old way to their new homes.

Friday was spent packaging orders, being lunatics and theeennnn, dolling ourselves up (I was balancing on a kinfe edge between glamourous and prostitute, but I was happy) and taking ourselves off to Fleur's house. Fleur de Fun (yeah, you heard) had cakes, champagne, presents, olives....what more could you want?

A lovely night out was had by all and so were birthday cocktails! As I was being Mrs Birthday Girl (and I was rather enjoying a glass of bubbly!), I didn't take many snaps myself, but here are a few from mine, Fleur's and Zoe's instagrammyness (and one from Facebook- haha good old social media eh). Now, I warn thee, I wasn't quite one hundred per cent sober.....eeep.

What we can learn from this, is that cocktails in fruit will impede your ability to make a nice 'camera face'. Also, they'll make you want to hold coconuts like boobies. I'm such a grown up! 


Beautiful blurry one there for you!

When false lashes take over.....
After a spiffing night out of fun and frolics, I have had a lovely family day with Matt and Baby Glitter and a relaxed family dinner with the clan. If you would like, I could do a blog post on some of my very lovely presents? I don't want to show off, so I'll let you be the decider of that one.

The best gift of all though, is something available to all and sundry and is honestly, the most thoughtful present anyone has ever made me. Ever. Fact. Le Facte. Factoid. You get the nub and the jist. 

Zoe has spent MONTHS secretly creating the funniest, kindest video EVER. It's a culmination of our best chummy bits and then, and coolest of all, she asked all my YouTube friends to make a little 'Happy Birthday' clip, edited them all beautifully and taddaaaa, a video that made me well up! I literally felt overwhelmed. I always love seeing all the girls on YouTube and in real life, but I was SO touched to see that everyone had gone to such effort on my behalf! I really felt very loved. And that's nice. I will struggle to say it to you all individually, but to those who took part- THANK YOU. Really honestly, it meant so much. I think everyone can feel a little alone or isolated from time to time, so whenever I have one of those blue moments, I will watch all your messages, smile and feel sparkly again. Also, to those who sang- kudos!

I'll embed it here, but you can hop on over to Zoe's channel if you want to see more terrific videos!

All in all, a cracking birthday!!

Here's to a smashing year and I look forward to telling you about my next 25th!! ;)