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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brilliant Bargains :: Quilted Bags

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A little while ago, I posted a picture on Instagram (Sprinkleofglitr) of Baby Glitter playing with my pink quilted handbag. Lots of you asked where it was from and if it was Chanel and said you would like one too. Well, the first disappointment is that I don't think it's Chanel -if it was, Darcy wouldn't be wiping her sticky paws all over it- and the second disappointment is that I'm unsure where it was from because Father Christmas gave it to me.


On the upside, there is an amazing website in this world, that sells literally, EVERYTHING. Yes my chums, it is ebay. Oh bay of e, how I adore thee. 

I had a little looksie for you (and as part of my mini goals last week to hunt down some bargains) and this is what I found:

These QUILTED BAGS come in pink, cream and pink. I love them all!!

I luurrvee THESE! The colours are perfect for Spring/Summer and I'm pretty smitten with the metal plated flaps. (Ooerr!!)

Last but not least, I love the dark pink colour of THIS slightly larger quilted bag and think the tassle is a lovely finishing touch.

I do love a quilted bag or two. What's your bag of choice for this season? Have you found any ebay bag bargains? Feel free to leave your links below!



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