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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Icey Nicey

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Earlier on in the week, in THIS post, I talked about how I was going to set myself little targets, in order to meet my bigger goal of a happier life. To be clear, I'm not unhappy-crying-my-eyes-out-every-2-seconds, I just haven't been feeling myself these last few weeks.

One of my goals was to discover new ways to play with Baby Glitter, because I feel like her toys are getting a little run of the mill, and she needs something a little more stimulating to play with. My criteria for activities this week were- something we could do together, easy to set up, easy to put away, not too pricey and something we could talk about as I am really keen to encourage her linguistic skills. She currently says a small set of words, but we're expanding them week on week.

On Tuesday, we took out a plastic place mat, a tray of ice cubes and sat and played for about 20 minutes. She LOVED it! Who knew bits of frozen water could be so thrilling?? Baby glitter really enjoyed pushing them about, picking them up and clenching her little fingers round them and then dropping them and looking surprised that they were cold, handing them to me and licking them. I enjoyed counting them out to her, using key words very clearly and repetitively ('cold' and 'ice' etc), letting her skin experience different temperatures and interacting with a very engaged baby. 

Baby Glitter plays every day and is usually really happy in her own little world, but it was really full filling to actually sit down and play with her, talk to her, see how interested she was in what we were doing. 

We've found a few activities like that this week which I will share with you over the next few days, but I thought seeing as this was our first, it'd be your first too. Another plus of Ice Play, is that it's free and makes minimal mess (a bit of water never hurt anyone, not even my oatmeal carpets!). 

Also, I killed two birds with one stone (I hate that phrase- why would you want to kill a bird with a stone??). In my list of goals, I had aimed to learn how to use my new camera- I used it for the first time to snap our little play date- yay! Naturally I have a lot to figure out, but so far I'm pleased as punch.

Do you ever make up fun games for young children? Share the love and inspire us if you do!



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