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Friday, May 11, 2012

Curvy OOTD :: Beige Spring

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I just asked on my twitter and my facebook page whether you would prefer an OOTD or a Beauty Review and I have to say, it was about 50/50. In the end, it tipped to OOTD and so here we are. I have been doing OOTD's since 2010 (two and a half years- wowzas!) and really think I should do more because I rather enjoy them.

These rather swish photos do need to be credited to my lovely chummy Zoe. She is such a camera wizz! 

Beige and Pink Skull Scarf :: Primark
Beige Dress :: H&M 
Leggings :: Evans about 3 years ago- what lasting power!
Pink Satin Heels :: Primark a looong time ago. I tried to hunt down some similar ones but the best I found were darker pink and with gems on the toes. Do you like THESE ? Do you think the model's foot looks a bit.....odd? Hahaha!

These earrings are super special. I wore them on my wedding day and I swear whenever I wear them I have good luck. My hair is in a bun a la Zoella and I kept my makeup feminine but fun.

The little brown clutch was originally from Accessorize but I picked it up at a charity swap party. Ever been to one of those? It's where everyone brings items they no longer love but are in good condition, you all mill around looking at what is available and then when the bell rings, it's a mad dash to snap up what you wanted! Usually there is a small entry fee which goes to the charity it's supporting and everyone has a great time!

Where are you favourite places to shop for daytime dresses?


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