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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Luxury Nail Polish

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today isn't going to be a review per-say, more of a preview. I shall soon be filming a video for my YouTube Channel about luxury nail polishes and discussing (with my silent camera lens) whether they are worth the pennies. However, whilst on a bit of a snapping spree a while back, I took some lovely pictures which show the colours so well that it would have been a shame not to share.

I will be including various brands in the video, including Essie, Butter London, OPI, Deborah Lippmann and Illamasqua. For now, let's all revel in the gorgeousness of Essie* and Butter London* and be strange makeup addicts together (y'anno, the kind who like to drool over little glass bottles filled with coloured liquid). 

Yes, the smudge on Bluey's lid annoys me too.

Mmmmmm, are you mesmorised in a nail-polish-eye-candy-hypnosis? I know I am.

This absolutely isn't a review but initial thoughts- I've been converted. Essie nail polishes are the bees knees and I luurve them. They remain chip free for a good 3-4 days, the colours are beautiful, the formula easy to apply and the range available is huge! These polishes were from Beauty Bay but you can also pick them up in Boots, Liberty's of London and if you are lucky enough to live in America- everywhere! No, I don't know if they are everywhere but I do know my chum Marie buys hers from Target. Also, they are a lot more affordable stateside- you lucky duckies.

Are you looking forward to this sort of video or do you prefer vlogs and hauls?




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