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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How To Follow A Blog

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since running THIS on my YouTube Channel, I have had an inbox full of emails and messages asking me how to follow a blog.

At first I started replying individually, but then I realised this could well be a question a lot of people had and thought it might be beneficial for everyone if I wrote a post on it and showed you how. For those that already know, stop reading! This post will be pretty dull for you!! Haha.

Before I do a step by step dealio, I must tell you the most important thing. Following/Subscribing to (both the same) blog is FREE. A lot of people ask me how much it costs because I suppose it does sound like something you need to pay for, but it isn't. Sprinkle of Glitter is entirely free. If you want to send me great wads of cash, please do, but really, there is no need ;)

 OOooh look at me being all technical and print screening into paint hahaha. This swanky image is to start you off. Look to the right of this screen. Can you see the icon called 'beauties' and the button saying 'Join this site'? Click it!


This is what will pop up. Very unscary. Naturally, it is your choice, but the majority of folk will want to click 'google' at this point. 

Most people nowadays have a Google account. You sign in to YouTube with it, you use if for Google Plus, Google Analytics, all sorts of things. Pop you details in and click on the 'sign in' box. 

At this point I couldn't screenshot anymore because rather sadly, I already follow my own blog....lame. All that will happen is it will ask if you are sure you'd like to follow, and if you are, you say 'Yeah Baby', and if you're not, you just wasted 25 seconds of your own life. Woops. 

As I said above, following blogs is entirely FREE. Free as a bird. Big. Fat. No. Money. At. All. FREE! You can follow follow as many blogs as you like and it means that when you sign into blogger (if you choose to), you will have your 'reading list' updated as and when your favourite blogs release a new post. Hurrah! Win win for everybody.

Some blogs that I am soooo pleased to be subscribed to (aside from my own ahaha) are:

Zoella - Possibly the world's greatest chum. She might be teeny but she has a mighty big heart and will go insane lengths for her pals. I know it's cheesetastic, but I really don't know what I would have done without her this past year. Life has been great, don't get me wrong, but there have been some fairly overwhelming moments and Zoe has always been there. From setting up a business together (check out the 'shop' tab up top), to laughing our heads off over a cocktail, to her saying, 'leave the baby with me, go to the salon and take an hour off', she's been a good egg and I luffs her. I'm sure you already read her blog, but I had a little outburst of emotion there. Someone hand me a tissue!!

A Thrifty Mrs - Mrs Thrifty is another of life's good eggs. We've only been real friends (as opposed to blog friends haha) for a few months but I tell you what, she's a corker of a gal! She makes me chuckle on a daily basis and if ever you have a money or household question, she's your lady. There is nothing she doesn't know about homey things- I bet her Husband is one happy man!

Beauty Crush - Sammi is cool. That's rather an understatement. I profess to know very little about fashion and trends (if it's pink and fits then I'm happy) but she really does. Whenever we meet up I know I'm going to have a good time because she's as suceptable to delerium as me! Ahahaha!

Fleur de Force - Fleur is the epitome of suave. Every time I see her she looks gorgeous, is unflustered and even after a really bad fall in London (I heard a crunch!!) she just got up, dusted herself down and carried on- in heels!! Kudos to Fleurchummy. She made such a fuss of me for my birthday last month and I was really touched. Ooer. 

Meek -n- Mild - Shirley is just how she looks and sounds. Super sweet and one of those people who is kind all the way through. Her blog makes me feel really tranquil and also inspires me to make the most of my wardrobe. (I'm not sure why blogger won't let her be in pink text! One of life's great mysteries.)

Color Me Katie - I don't know Katie as a human being, but I LOVE her blog. I'm not even going to talk about her too much, just trust me, you want to follow her blog. Your eyeballs will thank you/

There are tonnes and tonnes of other blogs that I heart, and if you like, I could do another post on them and point you in their direction? Or do you prefer to find them yourself? Let me know!

I really hope this was useful to you and if you have any other questions, do let me know. 



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