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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love Of The Day || LOTD

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This is a post to tell you all about something exciting and shiny coming to Sprinkle of Glitter. A new feature! Huzzah!

(This image is from my pinterest board -linked below- and has not much to do with anything, but it made me smile, do you like it too?)

One of my absolute favourite things to do in life is to mooch round the internet. There is something deeply satisfying about mooching, pottering, meandering, exploring. I often find that after a few clicks here and there, I have stumbled across something to put on my wish list, or a product I want to blog about, or an item that is a total bargain, so I decided to bundle all this goodness up and make a special thing of it, celebrate it if you will.

For the next 10 weeks (this is my challenge to myself at least) I will blog every single day about ONE thing I have found. Each day of the week will have a specific topic so you'll know where you are (nobody likes to be all confused and unsettled- or is that just me?) and as an extra bonus, you are welcome to join in (more on that to come tomorrow).

I will still be posting regular blog posts about beauty, baby and lifestyle, so nothing will change in that department, just that you may see an additional shorter post (the LOTD) pop up in your feeds. 

Yes, this will be quite a challenge, but it's a little selfish too. I love flicking back through this little slice of the web and seeing what I was interested in last year, what I was up to and reflecting on how time marches on- oohh we're getting philosophical now!

Also coming up this week we have my 7 Things Update, Amazing Advertisers (if you have emailed about this, I will be answering you soon), two beauty reviews, a haul, some Baby Glitter-ness and a lifestyle post- B IS FOR BUSY!

Also, 'Aloha' to all my new Pinterest followers. I was pretty shocked at how many of you went over and looked through my boards. It's addictive isn't it! 

What are you enjoying reading from the bloggersphere at the moment? Or, what are you enjoying writing about yourself?



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