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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Window Shopping List

Aloha Sprinklekrinos,

Lately I have been spending far too much time watching other Beauty YouTuber's monthly favourites videos. I really enjoy seeing what products people have had success with and why they love them so much.

I think I have been stuck in a 'I know what I like' rut and recently have been taking tentative steps out of it and loving making new discoveries.

Last night, I sat and flicked through for about 3 hours (whilst chatting to chums on skype/watching TV, I'm not that obsessed haha) and found myself throwing things in my trolley willynilly. Obviously I won't be buying everything, but I thought I would show you my virtual basket and share the window shopping experience a bit.

If you like, I might make this a monthly feature?

Here's what's enticing me this month -

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 14ml

£9.85 and Free Delivery

I have heard such great things about this top coat. I'm pretty lazy and sometimes don't bother using my current top coat (by China Glaze) but know that when I do bother, it makes all the difference. I'd be quite interested to see if this does live up to the hype.

Nubar Ridge Filler 15ml

£6.80 and Free Delivery

Since being pregnant, my nails have really suffered. Whilst I was carrying Baby Glitter, they developed lots of little ridges and so when I apply my nail polish, these show through. I had hoped that after pregnancy they would return to normal, but sadly, they haven't. A small price to pay for a delightful Daughter, but still, I'd like to alleviate the sight of them. I'd like to see if this ridge filler does the job.

Garnier Soft Essentials Replenishing Day Care - Dry/Sensitive Skin 50ml

£5.30 and Free Delivery

This is a moisturiser I have used up a fair few pots of and really got on well with. Since I'm going to do a bit of a shop, I may as well throw this in too. Woohoo!!

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Eye Make-up Remover 100ml

£10.20 and Free Delivery

Neal's Yard is a brand I have not yet sampled but have read great things about it. Muhsine from Bubblegarm has featured it quite a few times on her blog and I have always been interested in the natural properties it boasts. This attached blurb with this suggests that it can take of even waterproof mascara, a high claim indeed. I'm looking forward to putting this to the test!

Burt's Bees Nourishing Mango Butter Lip Balm Tube 4.25g

£2.99 and Free Delivery

I am coming to the end of my current lip balm and so am in the market for a new one. I'm not keen on the type that are presented in a little tin, because I despise rubbing my fingers on my lips (weird I know). I also think it's pretty unhygienic to constantly dip your digits into a product because your hands touch so many germies in a day. I know you could wash your hands prior, but I like to have something I can apply easily on the go. Also I like mangos. Also I like things under £3. Also I like saying 'also'. Also.

bareMinerals Get Started Eyes Cheeks Lips - Fair to Light

£35.70 and Free Delivery

Zoe absolutely swears by Bare Escentuals and look at her! She's a total beauty! If this will make me look half as gorgeous as her, I am happy to part with me £35.70. That is all I shall say on the matter. Hahaha.

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Concealing & Brightening Kit 

£28.50 and Free Delivery

I bought this kit two years ago for my wedding day (I did mine and my bridesmaids makeup) and I absolutely loved it! It had everything in it that I needed, plus a little instruction booklet to help show where everything should go. It really was a fantastic little kit and a great way to try out a selection of Benefit products if you are thinking on shelling out for the full size. Plus, I do love a mini!

Shiseido Suncare Sun Protection Liquid Foundation N SPF30 30ml

£28.00 and Free Delivery

This is a foundation that Fleur raved about a few months back and I was intrigued by the unusual packaging. With summer (hopefully) just around the corner, a foundation with SPF 30 can only be a good thing.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick 4g

This is a total luxury buy. I have never spent this much money on a lipstick but everyone who has tried one of these has said they were gorgeous and felt amazing. Also, loooookkk, ppprreeettyyyy packaging!! Haha, I'm such a sucker for a bit of glitz.

Stila Crush Lip & Cheek Stain 2.25g


I recently purchased a couple of other Stila products and have been absolutely loving them. I usually find that when I trust a brand, I want to try lots of other things from them, so these are calling my name. I remember ages ago I used to like some Ruby and Millie ones that looked a lot like these, so I have high hopes. *Sings hiiiighhh hopes* hehe. 

So that is my rather extensive wish list! I plan on having a little splurge of those products towards the end of the month, so expect to see a haul or some reviews- hurrah!

Are you interested in any of those? Do you ever so a spot of online window shopping?



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All images were lovingly borrowed from the feel unique website.