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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lou's Reviews || Angelica Hydration Face Mist | L'Occitane

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

What with this marvellous summer we are having *looks outside to grey clouds and whistling winds* I was glad when I was given an Angelica Hydration Face Mist to try from the lovely lady at L'Occitane.

I am quite a newbie to facial mists, the only other one I have tried was from Avene and I used it whilst in labour. To be quite frank, I was so drugged up on meptid that I could have been spritzing urine on my face and I wouldn't have cared, so I don't think that gave me a well rounded opinion of the product! The times I did use it un-drugged-on-labour-meds however, I had really liked it, so I had high hopes for the L'Occitane version.

L'Occitane themselves claim that this product 'instantly refreshes' the skin and can be used to set and prolong your makeup. Sounds good. 

Wellllll I have mixed feelings on this item. Firstly, it's nice. It feels nice to spray a gentle cool mist of water over your face, it smells very fresh and clean, I didn't have any bad reactions or breakouts and I can see that it would be really handy in hot climates or on aeroplanes/coaches etc. Secondly, the packaging is pleasant and functional.

However (and here is where I feel guilty for not rav-rav-raving but I always promise to be honest), I don't really buy into it's magical  properties. I didn't feel like my makeup lasted any longer than it would have without a fine mist of special water, after I had been refreshed I felt like I needed to apply moisturiser sooner and with my current lifestyle (staying at home with the baby in a moderate climate), I felt it wasn't really needed.

I am aware that the PR lady didn't know this and if I had been taking a transatlantic flight to somewhere hot this summer I may well have shouted from the rooftops about it, so please don't think me mean. I just feel that if I hadn't been gifted this product, I would not have spent the rrp of £15 on it. 

All in all, not a bad product at all, just not something someone like me really needs. Sorry L'Occitane!

Are you a fan of face mists? When do you use them most?



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