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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lou's Reviews || Impress Nails by Broadway

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I try a lot of beauty products. A lorra lorra beauty products. Over time, it's taken a little bit more to excite me and a product has to be a little bit special to make me rave rave rave about it. Well, Impress Nails by Broadway have hit the spot. Yeah baby.

I bought this set of nails for £8.99 from Boots a few weeks ago and this weekend, finally got round to giving them a whirl. It was actually by accident as I was on a conference call (oh la la) with Mrs Thrifty for our upcoming project (any guesses) and started fiddling with the package. Within minutes I'd worked out how these little beauties worked and applied a full set. I can't stress how easy they are to do!

Each clear plastic bottle-case comes with 24 nails in 12 varying sizes. Each nail is like a little plastic shell. There is a double-sided-sticky-tape layer on the underbelly (as opposed to the patterned top area) with a tiny tab to allow you to peel it off easily. All you do is peel the tab, reveal the sticky underneath area and press on to your nail in the place you want it. And it's set. No glue mess. No drying time. Done.

(oooff pass me the Lemonyflutter cuticle butter please!)

I am THRILLED with this product. I think the packaging is cute, the range of patterns and effects is wide and the speed and ease in which you can have perfect nails is great!

The only downside for me was the price. £8.99 per pack is a lot of money. When you consider that they only last a week and if you wanted to reuse them you'd have to buy some nail glue, it's a hard sum to swallow. I looked into more affordable alternatives and I found an American Ebay seller who you can buy 2 sets from for less than £15 and that included P&P which is good news. You can rummage round that shop for yourself HERE. Or, if you would prefer to pay more/are loyal to Boots, you can find them HERE.

*So far I have only worn these for 2 days but they are still in perfect mint condition. I will come back and pop in my 'findings' on this blog post at the end of the week, so do pop back if you are interested. 

All in all, love love lovity love having gorgeous easy nails. This is a bit naughty and please pretend you didn't hear it from me, buuuuut, these would be great if you had chipped nails and were in a massive rush. Simply stick on over the top and no-one's the wiser. I doubt they would last as long but I'm always up for a last minute problem solver, tehehe. Shhhh.

Are you as impressed as me with Impress nails? If not, why not?



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