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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brilliant Baby Books

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Ever since Baby Glitter was first born, Matt and I have read to her. We are both keen readers (I'm not talking Shakespear, but chicklit, magazines, boy books, newspapers, blogs, you get it, reading stuff) and we wanted our Daughter to follow suit as there are so many benefits.

Not only does it stimulate baby's mind, encourage language and feed their imaginations, it gives you a good opportunity for snuggles and quality bonding time.

I have recently started taking Baby Glitter to the library, but I thought I would start off by sharing some of our favourites from her own bookshelf first.

(As you can see, I got a little app happy and took today's image on my phone. The app is free and called pixlromantic if you are interested.)

This is the most recent edition to our collection and I think Mummy loves it more than baby. It reads in a lovely melodic fashion and the pictures look like the watercoloured ones we had as children ourselves. I'm really not a big fan of computer generated 4-d type images. I like my picture books old school. Haha, so specific!

This was the first book I bought for Darcy and I think I will cherish it for all of our lives. I've read it so many times I know it off by heart and even sent a copy to a chum in America. The illustrations are a joy, it's a cute, harmless silly story and just the right length for an infant. Baby Glitter will sit on my lap and be enthralled for 5-10 mins max. You could read this in 3-5 I think.

This is not a favourite of mine (I prefer classics) but is one she ALWAYS reaches for. Each page is the cat saying goodnight to an animal, so perhaps she enjoys my fantastic animal noise impressions-ha. It's quite handy for talking about different things (night, bedtime, creatures, sounds, how many, etc) and very colourful.

All three of these books that we have are board books because they are easy for little hands to turn and are not going to die a death by crumpling and ripping like some of our others- eep! They make great baby shower/new baby/birthday gifts, if you don't have a baby yourself too. Woohooo easy gifting!

I have quite a collection of baby books, so if you would like more mini reviews, do let me know.



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