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Friday, June 29, 2012

Budget Bling

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Remember those days, before I made a small human in my tummy, before the little thing came out and started to pull on every shiny thing she saw- earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc? They were good times. I wore so many beautiful accessories. Nowadays, I stick to studs and my wedding/engagement ring because I value my earlobes so much.

Today I had a little sort out and fell back in love with all my chunky cocktails rings. Ahhh, I missed you old friends. 

Rings can be so affordable and to me, really finish off an outfit. I used to work in an office and I loved wearing a bit of finger bling and watching it twinkle all day as I typed. 

With the current trend of TRIANGLES in mind, I went cheapy ring hunting. Has anyone else noticed that everyone has gone gaga for that little three sided shape?! 

(Image: Ebay, seller linked below -geo gloating ring)

This  Geo Floating Triangle Ring is a snip at £4.50 and something I have never seen before (check out the sellers other images to see how it's worn, it's quite clever) and comes in 3 colours- yay for choice! (Hmm, not sure why the link won't go pink. Gr!)

Oooooohhhhhh this Jewelled Triangle Bling Ring is JAZZY. Seriously, if you like sparkly, coloured, big things, you'll like this. At only £4.99, I'm buying!

If you're being ultra swish and combining triangles AND aztec, you'll lurve this Silver Aztec Engraved Triangle Ring for £3.99.

Last but not least, this Vintagey Cat Ear Ring THRILLS me! I know it isn't technically a triangle things, but the ears are pointy- does that count? Haha. Also, for £1.10 inc. P&P it's the best BARGAIN ever! Thrifty would be so proud of me!!

So there you have it, a ring for every finger (but not thumb, I'm not sure where I stand on thumbrings- you?) and all under £5. You can't argue with those digits! Ahahahaha I crack myself up! Tehehe.

Are you an affordable accessories kinda gal? Or are you in a love triangle with pricey jewels (oh me oh my I'm on fire today with these puns).



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