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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tag || How Much Is Your Face Worth?

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I was recently asked on Twitter what you would like to see for a blog post and one of the suggestions was the 'How Much Is Your Face Worth' Tag. This is where you take note of all the products you have on your face for any one FOTD, note the cost of each item and then total it. Now obviously you won't be using an entire bottle of foundation or an entire tube of mascara, but this is the game and I didn't make the rules! Heh heh.

Nuxe Facial Cream :: £16 (Review coming soon)
MAC Studio Sculpt NW20 :: £24.00
MUFE Concealer :: £22.50
MAC MSF Soft & Gentle :: £21.50
Primark Blusher/Bronzer Kit :: £1.50

MAC Eyebrow Pencil (Dirty Blonde) :: (Discontinued but similar product is £12.50)
MAC Brow Set :: £12.50
MAC Paint Pot (Bare Study) :: £14.50
Stila (Cream Shimmer from the 'In The Light' palette) :: £25
L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Liquid Liner :: £6.49
YSL Shocking Mascara :: £23

Topshop Lipstick (Brighton Rock) :: £8
Topshop Lip Stick (Clueless) :: £7
MUA Lipgloss (Pink Shimmer) :: £4

TOTAL :: £198.49

I. Am. Shocked. Woah. 

I know I like and use a lot of luxury products but this has really blown me away. I feel a little bit embarrassed!!!

I don't think taking part in this tag is going to make me use less or buy cheaper products because I love all the ones I use but it has certainly made me more away of my naughty little obsession. I can find solice in the fact that I don't splash cash on designer clothes or expensive bags, but beauty and cosmetics are my passion. Does that make it any better? No, probably not. I dread to think what the total would be for a night time look, complete with lashes and glitter! Cripes!

I tag anybody who follows this blog to do this tag! Feel free to leave a comment below with your link and we can all be horrified together at how much money we spend on our faces!



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