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Monday, August 6, 2012

The People Online

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Bit of a slushy one to start the week today. If you're not one for emotion or sentiment, turn away now, I'm in one of those moods.

In 2009 I started this blog. I started it because I thought it might be fun, had always thought of bloggers as interesting and wanted a slice of that pie. I knew other bloggers existed and knew them through their posts, like how most of you know me, and thought that was a hoot.

Up until that point, the only people I was friends with were people I had physically met at school, uni, work, through family etc, and whilst I might communicate with them online via things like email and facebook, I had never made a friend because of or thanks to the internet.

Since I have been blogging, I have been fortunate enough to connect with and meet quite a few 'online' people, like bloggers at events and would truly call them my friends. If for example one of them were to bump into me and Matt in town, I would say, 'Oh Matt, this is my friend Thingymabob!' and mean it. I really do feel enriched because of this.

Up until I threw myself into this marvellous little world, I thought the only people who met through the internet were daters and those seedy folk who meet in carparks. How wrong I was.

I can say, hand on heart, that there are AT LEAST three women who I have met because of the internet, and who have made a massive and lasting impression on my life. I thought seeing as you are part of this magical internet world, that I would share them with you and hope that I can illuminate the fact that yes, the internet is full of good people. All too often there is news of disgusting things happening because of web connections or warnings telling us all to be vigilant, and whilst none of that is untrue, and you should be aware, there is good out there too, when you know where to look.


Unless you are brand new, you will know Zoe is my ultimate chum. I like to call her 'Chumbolina' on account of the fact that she is teenytiny (and yet eats as much pizza and junk as I do, feel free to hate her metabolism as much as me!) like Thumbolina. If I could sew and had the inclination, I would totally make her a dress made of petals. 

Zoe is one of those special people in life that are very rare, and when you find them, you must embrace and cherish them. She is kind, caring, selfless and I know, that should I call her at 3am and say, 'Please will you come and stay with me, just because I feel a bit blue/want an adventure/just need you to show me how to use imovie?', she actually would. 

Recently she helped me overcome a ten year fear of motorways by sitting in the car for three and a half hours talking me through, being very soothing and not even making a fuss when I ran over a hedgehog/nearly smashed the car into some signage! Oops! She looked after me, Baby Glitter and my sister at her house, took us on fun trips, bought us dinner and introduced us all to her equally welcoming and fabulous family.

Zoe also makes me feel lovely physically. Ooerr, not like that you filthy minxes. Zoe helps me create outfits out of the clothes I already have and feel good in them. Despite there being a huge size difference between us (her being a size 8 and me a size 18), I never feel gross or hefty, I just feel, 'yes, Zoe is slim and looks great in disco pants and I am curvy and look smashing in skater dresses'. I don't feel panicked or like I need to improve, I feel as good as. As friend who makes you feel this way is special. 

When we are together, I know I will have a brilliant time. Sure, there will be moments when we both sit in silence, gormlessly starring at the TV/our laptops/our phones/other technologies we are addicted to, but I can guarantee there will also be times when we laugh so hard that I think I might choke. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the bloopers of our videos. Imagine that, but more. 

Whether it's looking after Darcy whilst I do my errands, tidying my dining room and pretending to be busy whilst Matt and I had a ridiculous argument or telling me, 'you know that's not actually how you hold a camera, right?', Zoe is the best of eggs and one I hope I will have for ever. 

Zoe has a YouTube Channel and a Blog


El (or 'Thrifty' as I like to and will from now on call her) is my most recent good egg addition and I couldn't be more pleased.

 (And now I want a floaty yellow skirt dagnamit!)

I had been following her blog for about a year and loved it. I loved the frugal tips and housewifery advice, but mostly I loved the humour and satire and felt I could relate. I loved it so much, that I read every single post ever written, and the side tabs, and her twitter feed. Yes, like a stalker nutjob. I promise I'm not (to you and to her!), but you know when you just enjoy something, you enjoy it!! *Defence over*.

One day a few months ago, I decided to make a video about blogs and websites that I really liked and included hers. I figured that if I liked her blog, and people were watching my videos because they liked my taste/ideas/something/anything, then they would like her too and it was just a bit of happies sharing really. Well in a nutshell, Thrifty saw, we got to talking, we clicked, we had a crazy amount in common and now we speak practically every day and I loves her.

We've only actually 'met' and mooched about together twice, but I feel like I could (and do) tell her anything. Really, anything. At length. I regularly ring her feeling wound up or like I have a weight on my shoulders, and once I've hung up (sometimes over an hour later), I feel so much better, more relaxed and more often than not, the entire problem has been solved.

I love that her and her Husband nip off to the pub on a school night at 10.30 to get one in before last orders, I love that she makes spreadsheets to plan her christmas gifts, I love that once she put egg on her face for a thrifty facepack and photographed it and I love that she always has time for me. Even when her own life if going wonky or she is up the wall busy, she always picks up and cares more than she needs to.

Thrifty has a Blog and a YouTube Channel


Marie Bitsandclips is my chum from across the world and we have never 'met'. We have never had a big hug or gone out to dinner with each other, and yet I have spoken to her and shared more with her than most of my family members. We speak practically every day via skype, and I have big plans to go and see her next year. (Must stop buying glittery shoes!!)

Marie is in this blog post because she has changed my life. Not only because we chat about all things baby (we have Daughters the same age), love the same type of TV programmes, have the similar humours and are fascinated by the same little things, but because Marie made me give going to church a try. Not 'made' as in forced, but I heard her mention it in one of her videos and thought to myself, 'Whhhattttttt a young, normal, funny person goes to church??? Church isn't just for naff fuddy duddys who wear corduroy and water their houseplants on Wednesdays?? Whhhatttttt???'. 

So, I had a little go at this church thing and spent a good few months being VERY sceptical. I questioned every little thing, I picked holes in things, I asked why and how and when and 'surely not'? And in the end, I liked it. It was good.

I'm not sure this blog post is the place to talk about religion, faith and going to church, but Marie knows. She made me see a lot of things differently and I can't tell you how much better I feel for it. 

I feel very privileged to have had so much of Marie's time and thoughts and will continue to pick her brains and share baby milestones and discuss how much we want to drink real Butterbeer in Hogsmead until the cows come home....or as long as she will have me anyway.

Marie has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook profile. NB- If you would like to be her facebook friend (it's a profile not page) then she asks you send her a little PM to tell her why you watch and a bit about yourself. She also only accepts folk with real active accounts. 

Yyyyyyeessss, I know I have gone on and on and gushed about how much I love these women but it's my party and I'll cry if I want to blog and I'll type if I want to. 

Really though, I wanted to explain to you and share with you how much of a difference the internet has made to my life and would love to know if anyone else has had similar experiences (feel free to waffle in the comments)?

Always remember, that when all the sites and feeds and timelines and subscription boxes go to sleep at night, it is your friends that take your lives from good to amazing. I'm so glad I have mine and so glad we found our merry little way to one and other.



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