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Friday, August 3, 2012

Glitter Encrusted Shoes of Joy

Aloha Sprinklerios,

Are you ready to swoon? I hope so.

I wasn't planning on blogging today as I am technically on holiday with family, but we popped into Primark in Liverpool and I struck gold. I bought a pair of shoes so very, very special, that I had to photograph them immediately (my in-laws neighbours probably thought the woman kneeling on the drive taking pictures of shoes was slightly nutto) and blog about them straight away. They are just THAT good.

Multi Coloured Glitter Shoes

These heels make my heart skip a beat. They are everything I would want in a pair of 'going out' shoes. 

They are high so your legs will look oh-so-sexual, they have an inbuilt platform so the balls of your feel won't burn and they are 100% smattered in GLITTER!!!!! God I love that sparkly stuff so much. 

That's right, I did lay on the drive to get this close up. You're welcome. 

 In my bedazzled eyes, these shoes will go with EVERYTHING. Imagine these with tanned legs and a LBD. Imagine these with disco pants (not on my body though! Yikes!). Imagine these with a red christmas dress. Imagine these with your pj's if you must, they are simply the best shoes ever.

If you aren't one for glitz, then yes, I can see how these might strike you as a little OTT, but to me, they are like shoes of the gods and I now cannot wait to over wear them!

They were £16 from Primark today, so they should still be in stock near you, if not, I have found some very very similar ones HERE on ebay (and they'll ship internationally too). Good old bay of e.

Rightio, I'm off to the cinema now (hmm would these be too much with leggins? haha) but I couldn't not share these with you.

Are you a fan of dazzling footwear? You'd better be *shakes fist* ;)



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