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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miniture Celebrations

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Despite having lots of 'proper' posts to be getting on with, I felt like just having a natter with you and filling you in on some of my latest mini happies.

(Yes, that's Baby Glitter on a giant tap in her new and slightly too big snow suit. As you do)

Today I was walking to the bank (more on this later) and I was thinking about all the good things that have happened recently and so I have decided to share them with you because we all need a bit of positivity on these gloomy January days. I know I do.

♥ Although I haven't managed 30 minutes exercise a day, this morning I put on my pre pregnancy jeans and DID UP THE BUTTON! This is a bit of a break through for me and my tum!

♥ I've been on 3 good walks this year to 3 different parks. That's not bad going in my books. If I had to rate them I'd give Sywell Country Park 9/10 (really cool kiddie sand park with diggers, water activities, fun slides, giant ornaments like fish/birds/taps, climbing wall, butterfly garden, reservoir, ducks, loooaadds), Abington Park 8/10 (fun children's park with all the usual apparatus, avery, bandstand, little cafe, tennis courts, duck ponds galore and lots of open space) and The Race Course 3/10 (not much there, kiddie park was vandalised, scary looking 'characters' about). I don't know why I just gave little reviews, but I did! I hate walking, but it seems a lot less arduous if it's somewhere enjoyable. Also, it leads to less wobbly bits and that's my goal.

♥ Finally, after a year and a half of repayments, I have paid off my stinking overdraft. Take that bank! Now everything in there is mine, mine, MINE! It's a huge weight off my shoulders and I'm going to promise myself not to get into such a pickle again. Now to work on the mortgage...

♥ This blog tipped over the 5,000 follower mark last night and I couldn't be more thrilled! I feel like that is a crazy amount to have grown in one year (it was around 1,000 last January) and I hope it continues to blossom and share it's sparkle with the world. Thank you every single Sprinklerino who has hit that little 'join this site button'. I loves ya.

♥ I have been longlisted for the Marie Claire Beauty Blog Awards. Wow! I NEVER get long listed/short listed/anything listed for things so this has come as a huge surprise and excitement to me! To be honest, I'm happy enough to just be on the long list, but if you would like to see Sprinkle of Glitter on the short list (issued 20th Jan), then please to click HERE and select 'Sprinkle of Glitter' from the drop down. Muchos Thankos!


As I said above, I have a tonne of 'proper' posts to write, like Amazing Advertisers, reviews on Jolie Box, Carmine, Glossy Box for Men and Lush, Baby Glitter's latest update, Ebay Hearts and a Home Corners of my lounge. Any requests on ones you'd like to see first?

What little things are you celebrating today?