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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Illasmasqua Beguile Pure Pigment

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's not often that I will review something both on my YouTube Channel and on my Blog, but once in a while, a product so fantasmic comes along and I feel compelled to share it from ever available platform.

If you watched this video (embedded below) then you will know how beautiful Illamasqua's pure pigment in 'Beguile' is.

At first glance, this little wonder looks like a nice whitey highlighter. However, after swatching or holding it up to different lights, you will see flecks of finely milled mint green and babydoll pink lightly dotted around. Seeing as my favourite colours are mint and pink, this is a HUGE thumbs up on my behalf.

At £15.50 for 1.3g of product Beguile is certainly a luxury item for your makeup bag, but definitely worth it. I've worn it a lot over the last fortnight and can say hand on heart that it's perfect. It blends marvellously, is incredibly versatile and has a long durability time.

Here's how I have been wearing it:

♥ Applied over the black of a smokey eye using a damp small eyeshadow brush.

♥ Over my bare eyelid, patted on with my ring finger and then smudging black kohl eyeliner up into it a little. This is by far my favourite look because it looks a little bit like sparkly water and a little bit smokey/mysterious. Oooohh. Also, you can really go wild on the eyeliner smudgery and make your eyes the feature, or you can just do a little liner and a little Beguile and then make your lips the feature.

♥ Applied with a wet eyeliner brush as, you guessed it, an eyeliner. I like this but I prefer it as a shadow because you can see the sparkles more easily.

♥ Dotted onto clear lipgloss with my finger. I like this look but am wary that I may look a little '12-year-old-at-the-disco' with it. I'll get back to you on that one.

Basically, it has become my go-to special product. You know how you have your regular go-to items (foundation, mascara etc) and also your special go-to items (that you know will give you that bit of edge)? Well this is my special one. I loves it.

As you can image with glitter, it was a tricky little so and so to photograph but here are some snaps, taken in different lights, that will hopefully give you a glimpse of it's loveliness (if not, I apologise, my photography skills are fairly rudimentary):

I must say, I'm not massively proud of these pictures. I think I need to invest in a desk/little table by a window and a tripod, because I really want to be able to give you excellent quality. I think that'll be my next big splurge...after the IMATS....and a Baby Glitter's Birthday Party....and having my hall decorated...the list goes on.

In summary, I heart beguile a crazy lot. I suggest you pop yourself on the waiting list and get some in your life. Also, whilst you're perusing, check out Static pure pigment too. Milly from Pearls and Poodles did a fantastic review of it with far superior photos than mine and if her descriptions ("If you could capture fairy dust...") don't make you dash out to your nearest store, I don't know what will.

Are you as in love as I am? Would you part with £15.50 for glitter?