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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Dribbles Ons Bandana Bibs

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Not a beauty one today. Unless you have literally just started reading this blog (in which case, Hi! How nice to have you over!), you will know that from time to time I slip a little Baby Glitter post in and it always seems to be well received. Yay.

Recently I was very kindly sent a couple of products from an internet company called and I thought today I would share my thoughts on the Dribble Ons Bandana Bib.

(NB. As of yet it has not been through the washing machine, which is something that I am keen to report back on because I find the Primark, Tesco and George bibs all shrink. Once it has been through a couple of times, I will let you know the results on my Facebook Page).

The Bandana Bib is something I have been keen to try, after I saw it on my friend Clare's little baby boy Ethan. He is such a cutie and as Clare is a bit of a fashionista herself, she dresses her wee one beautifully. I have often thought that Mother's of boys have a tougher job in the wardrobe department because girlie clothes have so much more variety. Boy things seem to be very limited to blue, green, red, white/trucks, cars, tractors, stars and spaceships. I think these little bibs are PERFECT for the stylish little man in your life as they offer a fun alternative to the norm. That's not to say they're not for little ladies, I just think that if I had a boy, I would go gaga for them-like Clare does!

I took a few snaps for you and whilst flicking through the album to choose a couple, I realised I loved them all so brace yourself for a slew of Baby Glitter modelling!

As you can see, although the bib is rouched around the neck, it doesn't restrict Baby Glitter's movement. I did wonder if all the gathered fabric would make her feel a little like she was wearing a neck brace, but actually she played and manoeuvred as normal. By the by, we don't make her sleep in that moses basket with a million toys in it- she sleeps in a bigger cot and the moses has become storage!

These bibs retail for £4.99, which although more than what I would normal pay for a bib, I think is a decent price seeing as you are getting something so unusual.

The fabric is thick and ultra absorbent, which a soft micro towelling cloth on the back. Also, because of the extra material that bunches around the top, it really can collect and soak up A LOT of liquid (dribble/drinks etc)- ideal for teething.

At the back there are easy popper clasps so putting on and taking off is simples. There are two size settings so this bib can grow with the baby which makes the price even better.

I actually think you could use this bib as a bit of a fashion accessory too. I had at least two people saying, "oohh he looks like a cute little cowboy". Looks cute = Great. Looks like a boy when she's a girl = Less great! I think if I were to choose one of these myself, I would go for pink, just to avoid those kind of comments. Thankfully bandana bibs come in a variety of shades.

I also like the little tufty bits at the back, it just looks CUTE. I know I've used 'cute' about ten times but I don't care, good writing has gone out the window and I've been overcome with cute cute cuteness!

Overall, I'm really happy and impressed with this product. One of my sister-in-law's is pregnant at the moment so I will definitely be purchasing one of these for the hamper I'm putting together for her.

What about you? Are you a fan of quirky baby products or are you more of a traditionalist?