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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lou's Reviews :: LUSH Space Girl Ballistic

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Remember in the olden days, when we were kids and a bath was something your mum made you do to get clean? Isn't it funny that now it's transformed from an essential yet boring daily chore, to a relaxing treat. I can't recall the last time I had one without an 'accompniment'. No, no, not the human type (filthy minds), but yummy bubble baths, luxe oils or fun and sparkly bath bombs.

Lush's Space Girl bath bomb certainly ticks fun and sparkly. This purple flying saucer shaped ballistic turns your water a deep violet and leans to a more fruity smell than floral or vanilla, which is no surprise considering it contains bergamot, grapefruit and almond oils as well as citric acid. I must say though, the fragrance is very light and not at all overpowering like some of my past Lush experiences.

I love that this product contains glitter. We all know I have an obsession with the stuff. Personally, I would've coped with a lot more, but I'm not sure that would be to everyone's taste. The glitter isn't all that obvious until you look for it. When you really do have a good gander, you will note little shimmers of red and gold amongst your purple bath- lovely.

According to the WEBSITE, the Space Girl bath bomb also has popping candy packed inside it. It suggests submerging your head under water to hear this, but I must say, that's not something I have done or will do- I don't like the feeling of water in my ears. Has anyone else tried and verified Lush's candytastic claim?

Retailing for £1.95 (the lower end of the bath bomb price spectrum), having a cool shape, making my water violet and glittery and not being overly pungent makes Space Girl one of my favourites from Lush and a product that I have bought over and over.

Have you this ballistic? What is your absolute fave?