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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Florida Girl So Far

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm sat on a balcony, looking out onto a huugge lake, where people are fishing and mooching about on little boats and letting my hair air dry in the 28 degree heat, oohhh yyeeaaahh!

I know I still need to write about the Illamasqua and Glossy Box events I went to, but I just felt I wanted to have a bit of blog time, I missed you!!

So, I'm giving myself license to ramble on and on. I have no pictures yet because I have just been filming everything instead- it'll be vlog-tastic once I'm home! If long, rimblyrambly posts aren't your bag, I think it best you pop along to some other blogs you enjoy because that's what this will no doubt turn into.



I spent the day running about like a crazy chicken, packing, un packing, re packing, umming and arring, squishing Baby Glitter because I knew I'd miss her and cleaning my house for the in laws, who are staying to care for Darcy whilst Matt goes to work.


Baby Glitter woke up at 4am, but I was secretly pleased because the fatherman was picking me up at 6.30am to drive to the airport, so I had a little Mummy-Daughter time and felt a whole lot better about leaving her. She said, "Mummy, it's fine, you go and have a bit of well deserved R&R, I'll hang out with Grandma and Grandad, keep Daddy in line, and you just make sure to bring me home plenty of presents". Ok, so she didn't say that but in my head she did.

6.30am and we were off to the airport!! Now, at this point I ought to tell you something pretty nifty, otherwise the next few paragraphs will leave you thinking I live some sort of jet set life, which unfortunately, I do not. My Dad flies to America about once a month because a lot of his business is out there, so he has a frequent flyer card that entitles him to lots of lovely upgrades and swish treatment. Since I was flying with him on a companion ticket (another swishy thing, he gets one free ticket a year, and this year, I had it- hurrahh!!), I also got to shmooze around at Heathrow. Yay!

So, we arrived at the airport, checked in, had a quick look round duty free (I ummed and arred over buying a few bits restrained myself) and then we went to the Heathrow Upper Class Lounge. Oh me oh my it. was. SWISH. Think 1960's glamour meets James Bond meets luxury meets space travel. Yep, weird but good. If you fancy, google image it. I was dying to film it and take a tonne of photos for you all but everyone there was so "oh yes, this is perfectly normal and not in the least bit thrilling", that I felt I couldn't jump up and down with glee and joy and shout.

In the swish complimentary restaurant bit- yes, you could order everything on the menu if you so wished, and not have to pay a penny, we had a lovely breakfast and smoothies and then I headed off to the Cowshed Spa area for a massage. I won't go too much into that because I am actually doing a separate Lou's Reviews on that, which will be coming up in a few days. Needless to say, it was great!

Before I knew it, it was time to board our flight. I could have easily spent all day in the Upper Class lounge and one day, if I win the lottery or make a squillion pounds somehow, I will take us all on a first class holiday and we can go crazy in that place. The even had a table, with massive jars filled with tonnes of different types of sweets that you could just help yourself too!! It really was luxury.

On the plane we had the middle bank of seats, so we were both on an aisle and there was a spare chair between us that nobody had- very cool as we could then dump all our stuff there are spread out. We flew Premium Economy with Virgin Atlantic, so that's not upper but not economy, it's in the middle and very nice it was too! 

(OK, remember I'm sitting on the balcony by a lake? The lakehouse building is now blarring out a Dirty Dancing Techno remix- hahahaha "Cos I'm haaavv'n the time of my li li li li liiii-iife" hahaha)

On the plane I watched Bridesmaids (funniest film EVER, I actually did an outloud laugh and the woman across the aisle looked at me!), Dr Who, The Simpsons, TOWIE and Gullivers Travels. I'll be making a conscious effort to watch something a little more high brow on my return flight.

We touched down in Miami and as soon as I realised there was an airport monorail, I was excited! Whenever I see monorails, I think of the song in the Simpsons where they sing, "monoorraailllll". Anyone with me there?

The airport was big and hot and we were flagging a bit so I was really glad when we arrived at our hotel and freshened up a bit. By this point we'd been up about 20 hours and were pooped. A quick dinner and bed for Monday night.


Tuesday morning we were up bright and early and I accompanied Dad on a day of meetings. I actually rather enjoyed them. I'm really the mechanisms of business (how thrilling of me), so I enjoyed being a fly on the wall of my Dad's. Hopefully one day, I'll be hosting fancy boardroom deals and Baby Glitter will be at the end of the table listening and watching too. :)

Tuesday night we hit the Dadeland Miami Mall and I had my first Sephora experience. I went a tad mad in there and was putting things in my basket with wild abandon. I've made a huge haul video on my purchases, so I hope you'll enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed showing. We had dinner in The Cheesecake Factory, which is a cool restaurant where they do actual food, and not just cheesecake haha!


Wednesday we left our hotel at the disgustingly early time of 5.30am (urgh) and began our 4 hour drive up the coast to Orlando. My Dad tried to talk it down as, "a long drive", but clearly he wasn't aware of my love for roadtrips! I loved watching the word go by, seeing Miami skyscrapers turn into suburban houses, then huge trees draped with Spanish moss, and then eventually civilisation again as we approached Orlando.

As there was a little bit of time before his first business engagement, we went to a GORGEOUS little town called Celebration (please google it, you won't regret it). Celebration Town was built by Disney, but there isn't a mickey symbol in sight. Instead there are stunning ye olde houses painted white, pink, mint, blue, with porches and shutter windows. There are twee shops, with cute cafes and a huge lake and fountain thing that you can run through. I was so lovely that I stayed there for the morning whilst Daddio went off to work. I've filmed a little bit of it so with any luck, you'll spot it. It reminded me of toy town.

A few hours later, work was over and Dad came to find me and we went to check in. We're staying at the Marriot Grand Vacation Club and it's gorgeous. I'd love to bring Matt and Baby Glitter here.

In the afternoon my Dad wanted to go the Mall and I wasn't going to stop him! I didn't buy much, I actually didn't really see anything that stood out, but I picked up a couple of bits for Matt's birthday. I looked in OshKosh for Darcy but there was nothing that we couldn't get in H&M or Mothercare, so I just left it. I'd rather spend my dollars on her at Disney or something. My Dad on the other hand, treated himself to a few nice Ralph Lauren bits, so was pleased as punch.

In the evening, we went for a business dinner at a fancy little place who's name I've totally forgotten ahaha! It was a white linen table cloth and lady playing on the piano kind of place. I didn't really get too involved with the chithchat, so I had a lot of thinking time in LouiseLand haha.


Dad's gone to a really important meeting this morning which wasn't something I could attend, so I'm enjoying the Marriot complex. I had planned to have a wander about and enjoy the lake and pool but it's beyond hot and instead I had a luxurious long shower, read some of my book and watch Teen Mom. And here I am now, talking to you oh lovely Bloggerino!

Tonight I'm hoping we can go to DownTown Disney, so I'll try and keep you updated, time and internet connection providing.

I hope you're all having good weeks and you managed to read this exceptionally long blog post!!