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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Catalogue Game

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Baby Glitter is snoozing next to me and so really, this would be the perfect time to write my Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless post. Buuuuutt, I'm not going to. I want to write something detailed and well thought out, and today my brain is working at half speed so I fear I wouldn't do that kind of post justice.

Today I just wanted to share with you some of the little things in life that have been making me happy of late.

1. Catalogues. Ever since I was a little girl in corduroy trousers (why, Dad? Why?), I have loved catalogues. I find it really therapeutic to flick through the pages and play my little game. The rule is, with money as no issue at all, you have to pick ONE thing off of every page to buy, even if that page is the shower curtain page of the Argos catalogue. Yep, it's quite lame, but to this day I quietly play it by myself when I flick through.

At this time of year there tends to be a new surge of catalogues, showcasing the latest Autumn/Winter trends, so I love to get cosy with a stack and do a bit of from-my-sofa-window-shopping.

2. Boots Vouchers. Every now and then, Boots do their brilliant deal where they give you a £5 off voucher for No.7, when you spend £10. For me, it's really easy to spend £10 because I regularly buy nappies, wipes, baby milk and of course, beauty and cosmetics products, so I take full advantage of this deal. My usual purchases are the Cleansing Wipes which rrp for £7, but with my voucher, they're a much nicer, £2. So far I have 3 packs, but I have 2 more vouchers so I shall be well stocked!

The voucher deal ends on Sunday so you still have this weekend to get in there. I'm half tempted to try their Cleanse and Polish Kit (usually rrp £9, but would only be £4 with the voucher). Hhhmmmmm.

(Rather than post a picture of a list, I went for what is right next to me instead...much cuter! Plus, I can't bare for you to see my everso boring list ahaha 1. Stroke Cat, 2. Empty dishwasher, 3. Zzzzzz)

3. Making Lists. I am a self confessed list-aholic. I could spend my life, making lists. I make To Do lists, Things to Pack lists, Shopping lists, Places To Go This Month lists, Christmas lists, the list (haha) goes on. Now that my life is jam packed with being a Mummy, Wifey, Blogger, Vlogger, Worker, Human Being with Friends and suchlike, I find a list really helps clear my head and I feel quite a sense of accomplishment when I can cross something off.

Bit of a muchness of a muchness post today, but I would have done no justice to a review or 'informationy' post.

Do you play the catalogue game? Or will you be putting it on your list to do tomorrow?