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Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Wedding Anniversary

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Today is mine and Matt's first wedding anniversary. How time flies! This time last year I was enjoying the most magical of days and today we had a great time remembering it.

To celebrate, we gave each other lovely leather bound books that on each page have titles like "Our funniest moment together" or "Where I see us in 10 years". The idea is that you write your thoughts on each page and then the recipient has a brilliant keepsake. I gave Matt a black one with "My Beautiful Groom" on the front, and he gave this white one.

I loved reading it and even shed a little tear. I will treasure it forever.

The silver plaque says, "Louise Alexandra Watson", which is my married name, although I still use my maiden name (Pentland) for most things.

It was so funny and heartwarming to read Matt's answers and we were pleased as punch to see that some of our answers were the same.

Matt bought me a really gorgeous card with some pretty sentimental words inside. As it's a bit personal, it hasn't made it onto the blog, but look at all those kisses inside. Ahhh.

Later on, my chum Charly (my Maid of Honour for our wedding) popped over with a card from her and one from her parents (thanks Dawn and Robert!!). I just had to share Charly's card with you all. She made it on moonpig, it's so personal and such a great idea. I really appreciate it. I may even frame it!!

I love that she included Darcy in the card, because she was a big part of our wedding day (I was 11 weeks pregnant) and an even bigger part of our marraige.

Also, during the week, a surprise parcel arrived!! My friend Faye (click on her name for her blog) had made me this beautiful pressed flower arrangement in a shabby chic heart frame. What's really special is that the petals and leaves are actually from my wedding bouquet- yes, Faye was the lucky lady/lady who jumped high enough and caught it on the night.

I was so touched that she a) remembered our day, b) took the time to hand make us a gift and c) used my bouquet- it has so much meaning and stands very proudly in our hallway.

I feel so privileged to be happily married and also blessed with a little girl. I know so many of my friends who would love to be, and a few who are trying for babies and struggling, so I am all too aware of how lucky I am. I'm very grateful of my life.

So dear Bloggerinos, please do raise a sparkly glass, Happy First Anniversary GlitterFamily!!