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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon...or maybe Miami??

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As those of you who watch my YouTube Videos will know, on Monday I am jetting off to America- woohooo!

I'm going on a business trip with my Dad to Miami and Orlando and whilst it will be a working trip, I'm still beyond excited. Baby Glitter will stay at home with her Daddy and his parents will be staying for the week too, so she'll be spoilt rotten and my Mother-In-Law will be in her seventh heaven- she loves Darcy to absolute pieces! So, I know she'll be well looked after and won't miss me.


Seeing as I love to write lists so much, I thought I'd share my joy and tell you some things I'm uber excited for:

1. The airport. I love airports, particularly duty free.

2. I'll be having a massage at the Heathrow Spa before the flight, to review for Sprinkle of Glitter, so that'll be rather lovely I hope.

3. Aeroplane food. I hope it's not ust me, but I adore the way the food all comes in perpendicular square containers on the tray. It's so neat and compartmentalised!

4. The whole plane experience. Films, little mini drinks, the lot.

5. Chatting to my Dad. My Dad has his own business and works so hard at it, that we rarely get a chance for much quality time. It'll be really nice to just catch up now that our lives are so busy.

6. Nutter butters! Nom nom.

7. Looking at American makeup. I need to make a list of things I want that we can't easily access in England- any suggestions?

8. American food. I love IHOP so hopefully we can go there again.

9. Driving from Miami to Orlando. You can't beat a good roadtrip.

10. Being in Orlando. It's my second favourite place on earth (my house being the first!), so I'm pleased as punch at being there.

11. Christmas shopping. I'm going to get a good wedge of it done whilst out there. Call me Mrs Prepared.

12. On the Saturday we're going to go to Harry Potter's Wizarding World of Adventure!!! Alohamora!!

13. Swimming in the hotel pool. Ooohh swishy.

14. Coming home to Baby Glitter.

Oh and of course, bringing in lots of business! hahaha!!

I will be taking glittercam so there will be plenty of vlogs and blogs along the way/on my return, so keep your sparkly eyes peeled.