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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Sleek PPQ Me, Myself & Eye Palette

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Yep, as with all my posts for the next few days, I'm pretty late on this one. Florida and family life prevented me being as on the ball as I (like to think) usually am.

So without further ado, here is the latest Sleek MakeUp eyeshadow palette, just waiting to be added to your collection. Does anyone else collect the palettes?

Sleek's Me, Myself and Eye Palette is said to be inspired by PPQ's S/S11 collection and aims to toughen up a soft feminine silhouette- oh lala.

With a mixture of frost and matte and a wide variety of colours, you would think this would be a winner. For me it isn't. I'm all for lots of colour if it works, like in the original palette, but this seems all a little haphazard. Mint, red, peach and olive all in a row for example, there isn't a happy flow there, in my eyes anyway.

Also, (haha as if I hadn't finished being negative!), matte colours aren't my bag. I'm all for a bit of shimmer and I find matte colours can be pretty chalky with poor pigmentation. Saying that, there will be people out there in the big wide world, who prefer matte shades, so who am I to talk?

Some shmexy swatching for you there m'dears. I think the bottom deep green colour will look beautiful for Christmas.

Apologies for not going into too much detail for this beauty review, but I don't want to rave about something that doesn't float my boat and I'm not in the business of full on slating products. Beauty is only an opinion after all.


In other news, before Baby Glitter pootled off to her cot for nightnighttime, she very kindly picked the winners for the OPI Mini Stems Kit Giveaway. If you have been listed below, well done!! Please drop me an email ( with your full postal address and I shall pop those in the post for you asap.

Danielle |


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Thank you everyone who took part in Baby Glitter's Giveaway, she really appreciated it :)

I plan on doing a pretty hefty giveaway if and when I reach 5,000 followers, as a huuugggee thank you for all of your support! I've got a while to go yet though, so give me time!

Have you tried the PPQ Shadow Palette? Are you and OPI Nail Polish fan?