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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Beauty Treats

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks there haven't been a great deal of beauty related posts on this blog. The reason for this is fairly simple- I haven't been trying a lot of new products or buying tonnes of new things. I've declined quite a few pr samples on the basis that I have so much makeup that it would be a waste for me to accept more and I have felt that to force myself to write a review would be a little fake.

It's not that I'll never do beauty things again (I've still enjoyed making quite a few beauty related videos on my YouTube Channel) but I've just found that over the last few weeks I have been focusing on a lot more family and lifestyle type of things. I hope you don't mind. This blog is sort of like an extension of my mind and feelings, so if you see a lot of reviews, you know I'm going beauty crazy, and if you see a lot of family posts, you can tell I've been watching too much '19 Kids and Counting' hahaha. 

Saying all that, last week whilst I was running some errands, I popped into Boots and treated myself.

Like a moth to a flame I simply could not let these two beautiful bottles of glittering nail polish stay on the shelf. They had to be mine.

I bought 'Jack Frost' from the Wonderland collection 'Freak Out' from the Mirror Ball collection, both £5 each. I suppose you could say that £10 is quite a splurge for 2 nail polishes but have you seen the sparkle?! Oh my oh my!! I adore the mermaidy blue, purple and green colours in Freak Out and the iridescent blue in Jack Frost was far too wintery and lovely for me to walk away from. They are like liquid magic. Beautiful.

I have worn both of these over a muted grey tone and quite enjoyed the wintery effect. I think I'd like to try them over a black or navy and when that happens, I'll take a sneaky picture and give you a NOTD post- it's been a while since one of those. 

I have also been absolutely loving scented candles this month. I am incredibly fussy when it comes to scent because I am prone to headaches but I have now burnt several Neom candles and have always been so impressed with them. I have particularly loved Invigorate from THIS set. The scent is strong but not overpowering and it leaves a lovely lingering fragrance long after it has been blown out. Also, since they come in such lovely little glass jars, when the candle has burnt down, I save and wash them and use them to hold hair accessories. Upcycling at it's best! 

This year I am struggling to feel as festive as usual so over the next few days you are going to see a lot of CHRISTMASNESS (real word there) from me to evoke my yuletide joy, so prepare yourself for that!

What have you been treating yourself to this winter? Do you have any hollyjolly blog post requests? I'm all ears!



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