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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Darcy Jane :: Seven Month Update

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm two days late but hope you'll forgive me, because this is Baby Glitter's Seven Month Update! Yay!

(Nom nom, this is the best sock I've ever tasted)

This month Baby Glitter has developed well physically and mentally and her personality is really shining through.


Baby Glitter is now on a lot more solid foods than last month. I have discovered that she doesn't love tomatoes but has a penchant for rice cakes. I break a plain one in half and let her hold it and gnaw on it. They dissolve in her mouth so I can relax a bit. Obviously I never leave her alone with food (choking- eeepp!) but I know she can handle these.

We bought her THIS highchair to help with meal times and I have really enjoyed putting different foods on the tray and watching her play with them and explore her taste buds a little.

Baby Glitter is sleeping exceptionally well. We put her in her cot between 7pm and 8pm and she wakes up around 8am to 9am. Bliss! She usually goes down pretty well, although we do have the odd cry. I really, reeeaalllyyy hope she continues to be a good sleeper. I honestly don't know how these Mothers that get up at dawn everyday cope.

Baby Glitter call roll from back to front and visa versa and can almost sit up unaided. She bares weight on her legs but when I hold her in a standing position, she tends to lean forward. I'll keep trying. Despite my best efforts to encourage it, there are no signs of crawling yet.

As yet there are not teggypegs but plenty of drooling, red cheeked grizzling and chewing- it's only a matter of time.


Baby Glitter (sheesh, how many times do I wanna say the words 'Baby Glitter' in this post) has shown a preference for smaller toys that she can manipulate in her hands. So little bunnies with velvety ears, the little rustley feet on her caterpillar toy or the pages of little clip on pram books.

Her favourite game is Peepo! I throw (yes, she likes it thrown, strange baby) a muslin square all screwed up on her face and she grabs it and swipes it away and then I say in a super excited tone, "BABY!!" and she giggles her little socks off. We are yet to have a round of it where she grows bored before me.

Mindy has become the star attraction in Baby Glitter's eyes. Every time she sets eyes on her, she stiffens, does a huge gummy smile and waves tightened fists in the air with glee. It's beyond cute! I sometimes let her stroke her (Darcy stroke Mindy of course, not the other way round) but it turns into a bit of a grab-fest which results in a disgruntled cat and a hand full of fur.

We've been spending a lot of time with my friend Jess and her 10 month old son Oliver lately. Both babies are really intrigued by each other and I look forward to them properly playing together. We took them both to the fireworks last weekend and neither baby was screamy or scared- woohoo!! We have also take the babies to the library (I have signed Darcy up!) and read them stories. It's actually quite fun reading all the stories I loved as a child!

I took Baby Glitter swimming last week, buuuuuut she hated it. Screamed the entire time and did not take to it in the slightest. Oh well, swimwear isn't my thing anyway.

We discovered a new face. No, no, not an entire face, a facial expression I should say. We were in a quaint old cafe on Saturday and some little old ladies bent down to coo over our little angel. Cue 'screwed up devil face' and snarling sounds. Weeeiiiirddd little baby!

Last but not least, Baby Glitter has added 'Dada' to her extensive two word vocabulary set! I'm so proud of her!

I'm sure there are more point and tales but I think I've covered the most important things.

Hasn't seven months gone fast?